Space Miner Wars Version 2.0!

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Considering the scope of some of our previous updates, there was some internal discussion about what might constitute a “Version 2.0” release of Space Miner Wars. Well, we finally found the magic ingredients! Version 2.0 introduces a ton of new features and updates to the game — updates that encompass Mining Guilds, PvP, leaderboards, space flight, and base upgrades.

Let’s take a look at the big list of updates!

  • Power-ups!
  • Special weapons on ships!
  • New PvP League leaderboards and seasons!
  • Base defense Augments!
  • Guild Contracts and Logo Customization!


Just one of those bullets by itself would’ve been a huge single update, but releasing all of them together has kept us pretty busy! Let’s walk our way down the list of new features and I’ll go over the basics:


When you complete the tutorial region, you’ll be given the opportunity to equip one of three power-ups before entering any sector type. You can find these power-ups throughout the Vega System by destroying enemies and searching derelict ships, or you can use Infinium to refill your inventory. You’ll also notice there’s a new “Weapon Charge” counter — but we’ll get back to that in a moment!

There are three power-ups we’re launching with in 2.0: the Blast Wave, Overcharge, and the Infinity Shield, each offering their own benefits and play styles.

The Infinity Shield offers unparalleled protection from all attacks for a short period of time, letting you escape from enemy fire or fly right into the center of it in last-ditch attacks.

The Overcharge increases your ship’s rate of fire, both for the main guns and the turret, letting you go completely on the offensive and deal bonus damage to anything in your path.

And the Blast Wave… well, see for yourself:

blast wave

Anyone who’s played our previous Space Miner titles knows that the Blast Wave is a signature effect in the series, both in Space Ore Bust and Space Miner Blast — so it’s been nice to be able to work this one back in. Use the Blast Wave to deal damage to any enemy, hazard, and asteroid in your vicinity — just remember that the incredible power requirements will stun your ship temporarily.

Let’s get back to Weapon Charges! Another element from Space Miner: Space Ore Bust that we’ve wanted to explore comes in the form of ship-specific special weapons. Now, each Mining and Navy ship at tier 2 and above will come with its own special weapon.

Mining ships will keep their signature drills, but a new ramming ability has been added that lets you smash into enemies, quickly chase down elusive asteroids, or quickly flee from danger.

Navy ships will now come equipped with a special weapon of their own: the Hyperbeam!


The Hyperbeam lets you fire a powerful laser blast capable of piercing through multiple targets — just remember to line up your shot beforehand using the guide, or you could miss out on dealing any damage at all.

The Mining Drill and Hyperbeam can be equipped between both Mining and Navy ships, provided the level of the special weapon matches (or is lower than) the destination ship tier. What’s it like to have a drill on a Navy ship? Or a Hyperbeam on a Mining ship? Feel free to experiment from within the Spaceport screen. You can manage your special weapons from the target icon on the lower right:


PvP has also seen a huge update for Space Miner Wars v2.0! We’re introducing a brand new League system that lets players earn daily PvP rewards based on their standings in each league. PvP seasons are also making their debut, each lasting two weeks before the leaderboards are re-seeded to allow for better PvP matchmaking and improved competition.


PvP Reward Crates are shipped to player bases every day with daily reward loot, and the higher your league, the higher the rewards! And for players who consistently finish in the highest leagues, a new “Legend Score” has been added. Legacy players with high PvP scores will already find themselves with accrued Legend Score based on their PvP performance before the update.

Increasing your Legend Score through PvP is your ticket to unlocking exciting new customizations in the store, ranging from additional space backgrounds to an entirely new asteroid appearance for your mining base!

That’s a lot of stuff, and I didn’t even cover Augments or Guild Contracts! I’ll go into detail on those next time, but if you want to check the full patch notes for Version 2.0, check them out on the forums right here.

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