Space Miner Wars Tips & Tricks!

It’s been about five days since we’ve launched Space Miner Wars globally, and we’ve seen some awesome space miners working their way through the Vega System! New Mining Guilds are being established, awesome mining bases are being built, and players are uncovering more areas of the system every day.

To help new space miners just coming into the Vega System, I’ve assembled a short list of useful tips and tricks that should help players maximize their effectiveness out in space!

Tip #1: The THRUST Button


By default, your ship’s TURN and THRUST are controlled by the virtual thumb-pad in the lower-left of the HUD. This is ideal for beginners and new space miners just getting used to the control scheme, but can make advanced maneuvering difficult. Because of this, we recommend that once players get accustomed to their ship, they experiment with the Thrust Button!

First, tap the SETTINGS GEAR while you’re in your base. Or, if you’re in space, tap the PAUSE menu in the top-right, next to your radar, then tap the OPTIONS MENU.


You’ll notice an option there called THRUST BUTTON, and it’s checked off by default. To try out the Thrust Button, just tap the empty box to check it! Simple as that!


Being able to point your ship in one direction while moving in another is a very important tactic to pick up on, regardless of which control scheme you prefer (Thrust Button vs No Thrust Button). However, this is a good deal easier to accomplish with the Thrust Button visible on-screen. Drifting is a popular strategy during mining base attacks in particular, helping players side-step incoming fire while still laying down damage on base defenses.


Notice in the screenshot above that the ship is moving down (indicated by the contrail), but the ship’s nose is pointed to the right. This is the essence of drifting!

When you thrust your ship in any direction, it won’t stop moving until you remove your finger from the virtual pad. Go on, try it! You’ll see that so long as your finger is held down on the v-pad, your ship will continue to drift in the direction you thrusted in! This lets you aim and shoot in any direction while moving in another.

If you’re playing with the Thrust Button turned off, this can be a little trickier to manage — you’ll need to move the virtual stick inwards so you’re not thrusting, but you’re also not changing your ship’s direction. It takes some practice, but is indeed possible!

Tip #3: Understanding Ship Mods

Ship Mods are a great way to customize your ships, giving them special bonuses and buffs beyond their normal capabilities. Ship Mods are divided by numbered tiers (I, II, III, and IV), the same way that ships are. You can equip a Ship Mod on any ship of the same tier or higher.

In other words, the Bulldog (a tier I ship) can equip and use any Ship Mod in the game. A tier II ship can equip tier II, III, or IV Ship Mods. A tier III ship can equip any tier III or IV Ship Mod, and a tier IV ship uses tier IV Ship Mods exclusively.


You’ll learn about equipping Ship Mods early in your mining career. Once you have a Ship Mod, tap on your Spaceport and select the wrench icon to enter the Ship Customization screen. From there, tap any of the icons on the right-hand side of the screen. These icons represent the three different categories of Ship Mod in the game: Hull, Power, and Tech. Each category confers its own types of bonuses and stat buffs, with literally thousands of possible combinations.


Ship Mods also come in three different “qualities” that determine just how effective they are.

COMMON MODS are colored green and boost one stat.

RARE MODS are colored blue and boost two stats.

EPIC MODS are colored purple and boost three stats.

Tip #4: Crafting Your Own Ship Mods

You might have noticed a little thing in the Store called a RESEARCH LAB. You might have even asked yourself what this lab actually does! What kind of research goes on in there? Well, allow me to explain!

The Research Lab is where you go to CRAFT and SALVAGE Ship Mods. While you can find Ship Mods fully-formed out in the Vega System, the best way to discover new Ship Mods is to build them yourself using special COMPONENTS you find throughout your adventure.


There are four tiers of Components, just like there are four tiers of Ship Mods. A tier I Component is used to craft a tier I Ship Mod, whereas a tier II Component is used to craft a tier II Ship Mod, and so on.

To craft a Ship Mod, you’ll need the Research Lab and three Components of the same tier. To craft tier II, III, and IV Ship Mods, your Research Lab will also need to be upgraded. You can also find and use special items called ENHANCERS to improve your changes of crafting a higher-quality Ship Mod. These rare drops are primarily found in old derelict ships and destroyed enemies throughout the mining sectors of the Vega System.

Once you have enough materials to craft a Ship Mod, an “UPGRADE” icon will be visible above your Research Lab. Tap the Research Lab on your base, then tap the Component icon in the menu to enter the Research Lab.


This is your main Crafting screen. There is also a tab at the bottom to SALVAGE Ship Mods, but we’ll cover that in a minute.

On the right, you’ll be able to see how many Components and Enhancers you have available, and on the left — well, that’s where you start specifying the kind of Ship Mod you want to make!

First, select the type of Ship Mod you want to make: Hull, Power, or Tech. Each type has its own sets of stats that they can offer. For example, a Hull Mod may increase your ship’s maximum health, while a Power Mod can increase your ship shield’s regeneration speed. There are a TON of different stats on offer across all three categories, so explore the different options to see which kinds of bonuses you like the most that best fit your play style.


Once you’ve selected a type, you’ll need to select a tier. This determines which ship can equip the Mod you’re about to create. If your Research Lab isn’t a high enough level to accommodate the tier you’re trying to craft, that button will appear dimmed and locked. Upgrade your Research Lab and you’ll be able to craft higher tier Ship Mods!

The bar beneath the tier selector will show you your approximate chances of crafting a Common, Rare, or Epic Ship Mod. If you have an ENHANCER of the same ship tier, you can use it to enhance your chances of crafting a Rare or Epic Mod! Just tap the check box to see how your odds improve.

And once you’re ready, just tap the CRAFT button! You’ll get a pop-up that shows you the Ship Mod you crafted, and it’ll be ready to equip immediately from the Spaceport!


But what happens if you don’t have enough Components of the right tier? Well, you can try to SALVAGE the Components you need from the Ship Mods you’re not using!

Tip #5: Salvaging Mods for Extra Components

One of the best ways to get Components is to break them down from the SALVAGE screen in your Research Lab. Doing so will net you Components and even Enhancers if you’re lucky!

To Salvage a Ship Mod, just tap the SALVAGE tab in the Research Lab.


From here, you’ll see a list of all your available Ship Mods on the left-hand side of the screen. if it’s equipped to one of your ships, you’ll see the ship’s name in yellow text on the mod slot.

Find a Ship Mod you want to break down, then tap the + icon to drop it into the Recycler on the right-hand side!


With a Ship Mod selected, all you need to do now is tap and hold the giant red RECYCLE button to break the Ship Mod down. Remember, this process is IRREVERSIBLE and cannot be undone! That’s why we make you hold the button down — so make sure you’re 100% sure you want to destroy the Ship Mod before you break it down!

After the recycling process, you’ll be able to see what you earned from the salvage.


You’ll notice that in the above examples, I dropped a tier II Ship Mod into the recycler, but I got a tier III Component as a result. Depending on your Research Lab level, it is absolutely possible to get higher tier Components from lower tier Ship Mods. The same goes for Enhancers as well, so remember to break down your lower tier Ship Mods if you’re on the hunt for higher-tier Components!

That’s all for this week! As always, if you have a question about the game, just head over to our forums and let us know!