Space Miner Wars Now Available Worldwide!

Hi everyone! It’s Alex again — Senior designer and chief Venan wordsmith! It’s been a while since our last blogpost, mostly because we’ve all been pretty busy getting Space Miner Wars ready for primetime!

Back in 2010, when Space Miner: Space Ore Bust was first released on the App Store, we had a lot of unused ideas saved up for an inevitable sequel. Space pirates, interstellar towing, infinite space mining, a customizable space base — all sorts of things that we knew would make for a bigger and better Space Miner experience. It took a while, but after years of development and a few major tweaks in a limited soft launch, we’re finally ready to lift the lid on that sequel! The Venan team is proud to announce the global release of Space Miner Wars!

So, let’s start at the top: Is Space Miner Wars the sequel to Space Miner: Space Ore Bust?

Yes! Space Miner Wars is Space Miner 2: Deep Space Mine, but it’s also Space Miner 3: Live Free Ore Mine, and Space Miner 4: Ore-Gone Conclusion. Those aren’t real games, mind you, but the point is we see Space Miner Wars as the ultimate expression of the Space Miner formula. It’s got everything we would’ve put into a sequel: a full story campaign that builds on the characters of the original game, cooperative and PvP multiplayer modes, player guilds, ship component crafting, and a constantly evolving system map that ensures you never run out of stuff to do. And thanks to the content-delivery system we perfected with Book of Heroes, we can support it with regular updates and new content in ways we never could have with Space Ore Bust.

With the global release of Space Miner Wars, we’re excited to introduce you all to the Vega System — a space miner’s paradise on the edge of the known universe where mysteries abound and danger lurks around every corner. It’s a new stage for a new Space Miner adventure, and even with this being our biggest game launch to date, we’re just barely scratching the surface.

Just as when Space Ore Bust was released, we have a lot of awesome unused ideas for Space Miner Wars that we’d love to work into the game. The difference is, now we can!