Space Miner Wars Update 1.1 (Part 1)

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Venan since the worldwide release of Space Miner Wars! To celebrate our first holiday season, we’re releasing our long-awaited first major client update! We call it… Update 1.1

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Okay, so our internal name for it isn’t really that exciting. What if I called it the “Update 1.1 HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA” instead? It’s not just holiday stuff, of course! This update touches on nearly every element of Space Miner Wars, from ordinary mining and PvP to our brand new holiday event gameplay and the new Decoration Store. This could actually take a few posts to detail, so I’ve gone and added a “Part 1” to the title of this post.


So, before I dive in, let’s take a look at the overarching hit list of changes for Update 1.1

  • A limited-time Winter Holiday special event.
  • A new base decoration system, starting with limited-time winter-themed customizations, including a completely awesome “Snow Globe” effect for your base.
  • Headquarters upgrade cap raised to level 13, along with new upgrades for several defensive structures.
  • Complete removal of Nanofuel, letting players visit as many sectors as they want.
  • An overhauled PvP system that puts valuable opponents directly on your map.
  • A new Insurance system to replace shields, letting players attack while still keeping their currencies safe.
  • Streamlined “one and done” mining gameplay that eliminates cargo capacity and challenges players to mine quickly for special bonus rewards.
  • New Daily Quests that award super valuable “Mystery Sectors” that players can mine for special rewards.


That’s a lot of ground to cover! We’ll start with the Winter Holiday special event, since that’s where the “Holiday” part of “Update 1.1 Holiday Extravaganza” comes in.

Holiday presents are being shipped all throughout the Vega System, but taking shortcuts through high-speed asteroid fields never ends well. During the Presents in Peril! special Winter Holiday event, players will find special sectors on their map where these delivery trucks came to a sudden asteroid-induced stop. Penny Frost is in a good mood, so she’ll reward you with a new special holiday currency for every lost present you can collect!

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Those presents can be tricky to spot — since they aren’t made of metal or rock, your radar scanners won’t be able to highlight them. If you keep a close eye around your ship, though, you’ll be able to see special indicators that reveal when a present is floating around nearby. For each present you save, Penny will give you special holiday currency that you can spend in the new Decorations Store on sweet new base customizations!

If your Headquarters has been upgraded to Level 3 or above, you’ll be able to buy special winter-themed base decorations in the store tab marked “SPECIAL”:


The SPECIAL tab will only be available for the duration of the Presents in Peril! event, but we’ll definitely be bringing it back with some more awesome base customizations down the line. So, what can you expect during this initial launch?

We’ve got snowmen, Christmas Trees, a brand new asteroid exterior, a new space background, freshly-fallen snow for the floor of your asteroid base, and even the ability to turn your entire base into a SNOW GLOBE! We actually had the idea for that months ago, but it didn’t make much sense to add that feature in until now. Dragging the camera around quickly will kick up the snowflakes flying around your base, turning it into a veritable interstellar winter wonderland!


That about covers the special holiday event! In our next post, we’ll highlight the new features going into mining and PvP. As you can see from the list at the top of this post, there’s a lot of ground to cover there as well!

Don’t forget to come in and try out Presents in Peril! when our 1.1 update goes live! For the latest Space Miner Wars updates, stay tuned to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed!