Contracts and Augments in Version 2.0

With version 2.0 out in the wild, there are a lot of brand new features for players to explore: power-ups, the new PvP leaderboards, special weapons — there’s a lot to see! That’s why this time around I wanted to focus specifically on Guild Contracts and Base Augments, two exciting new elements of the Space Miner […]

Space Miner Wars Version 2.0!

Considering the scope of some of our previous updates, there was some internal discussion about what might constitute a “Version 2.0” release of Space Miner Wars. Well, we finally found the magic ingredients! Version 2.0 introduces a ton of new features and updates to the game — updates that encompass Mining Guilds, PvP, leaderboards, space flight, and base […]

Space Miner Wars Update 1.1 (Part 2)

In our last post, we covered the brand new Decoration Store and its accompanying holiday event, Presents in Peril! We showed off a lot of new stuff going in, but we honestly barely scratched the surface! Let’s take a look at the updated hit list considering what we outlined in the last post: A limited-time Winter Holiday special […]

Space Miner Wars Update 1.1 (Part 1)

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Venan since the worldwide release of Space Miner Wars! To celebrate our first holiday season, we’re releasing our long-awaited first major client update! We call it… Update 1.1 Okay, so our internal name for it isn’t really that exciting. What if I called it the “Update 1.1 HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA” instead? It’s not […]

Space Miner Wars Tips & Tricks!

It’s been about five days since we’ve launched Space Miner Wars globally, and we’ve seen some awesome space miners working their way through the Vega System! New Mining Guilds are being established, awesome mining bases are being built, and players are uncovering more areas of the system every day. To help new space miners just coming into the Vega […]

Space Miner Wars: The Space Base

Following our global release of Space Miner Wars, I wanted to kick off a series of hopefully not-too-infrequent posts that detail various elements of the game for new players, offering both behind-the-scenes details on their inception and also ways to help you improve your space mining career by making the most of them! So, if you’ve […]

Space Miner Wars Now Available Worldwide!

Hi everyone! It’s Alex again — Senior designer and chief Venan wordsmith! It’s been a while since our last blogpost, mostly because we’ve all been pretty busy getting Space Miner Wars ready for primetime! Back in 2010, when Space Miner: Space Ore Bust was first released on the App Store, we had a lot of unused ideas […]