Venan Entertainment is a premier publisher and developer of cutting-edge video games for cell phones and other portable platforms, based in Middletown, Connecticut. We create standard-setting games based on original IP, as well as in partnership with leading entertainment companies seeking to bring their brands to the mobile market.

The Venan team is comprised of gaming fanatics who believe the mobile segment of the video game industry is the most dynamic and inherently capable of “connected” gaming. Our goal is to make the highest quality games that you’ll find anywhere, squeezing every drop of graphical and gameplay ability out of the platform and continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Venan Entertainment was founded in July 2002 by Philip Taksen and Brandon Curiel, longtime friends with the goal of shaping the interactive entertainment experiences of the future. They were joined by a team of video game vets and communication technology pioneers they’ve collaborated with since 1995.