Current Value due to TargetIng Conditions

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Current Value due to TargetIng Conditions

Postby Bj_Knows » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:20 am

Current Value due to TargetIng Conditions

Add new Stat Value "Current Value due to Targeting Conditions" using an orange font to compliment red font (character debuffed), green font (character buffed) and black font (character's Stat Rating)

Current Stats are Stat Rating (black font) & Current value due to Modifiers (green font).

However it is hard to tell if Abilities like Brutality or Critical Eye are doing anything. This new Stat Value, "Current Value due to Targeting Conditions", would activate when you chose an attack (first button press), but before you hit the flashing "Use" (second button press).

Ex: if you chose Piercing Strike (first button press) on a Poisoned Goblin (yellow targeting frame), the Piercing Strike button would glow "Use". If you then went to the Stat page, under Crit the new "Current Value due to Targeting Conditions" would include bonuses due to Critical Eye & Neurotoxin. It would use an orange or yellow font since red is reserved for debuffed Stats. If you hit Piercing Strike again (second button press), the attack would resolve and the UI would default to the yellow targeting frame. But without an attack chosen (flashing "Use"), the Stat page would not display the new "Current Value due to Targeting Conditions".

This would apply to all passive and all active abilities.

Group Attacks would display the lowest number. Ex: if one target was poisoned but another was not, it would not display Crit rating with the Neurotoxin bonus. If all targets were poisoned, it would include the Neurotoxin bonus.

Group Option
Group attacks would display one to three values, one value for each target.

Transparent as Glass or "Current Value due to Target" option
This is the same as the Group Option (one to three values) but would adjust due to target's level. Ex: if you are fighting Level 29, 30, and 28 Goblins, with the level 30 poisoned, it would display three values for Crit Rating, all values adjusted for Neurotoxin and Level, as appropriate.

Bj_Knows wrote:Equations
In BoH v1.7, except for Haste, Melee, and Magic, all other Stats are Opponent based Stat Curves. The lower your Opponent's level, the higher the percentage. The higher your Opponent's Level, the lower the percentage. These Stat Curves all use the Opponent's Level Constant (OLC):
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