DOTs and Shadow Walkers

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DOTs and Shadow Walkers

Postby Bj_Knows » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:07 am

DOTs and Shadow Walkers

CeIestial_Being wrote:I can finish a group of lv30 with acid spray, poison cloud, ensnare, smoke bomb, poison cloud. If crit, then acid spray, poison cloud (assassinate proc), poison blade

I have had better luck with Caltrop rank 3, Poison Cloud rank 3, and maybe Acid Spray Rank 3 (depends on Monsters number and actions). After that it depends on Monsters' Health Bar.

Caltrop rank 3 halves their Spell Dodge/ Dodge Rating and does 40% DPS (same as a Burn stack 2/ Bleed stake 3).
Poison Cloud rank 3 does 40% DPS. For a total of 80% DPS in Damage Over Time (20% more than a Burn stack 3 / 35% more than a Bleed stack 3, but only lasting 3 seconds. don't get stunned by a Justicar or War Mage). This is better than the -15%/ -30% nature Debuff from doing Corrosive Blades + Acid Spray first in the rotation.
With Corrosive Blades rank p3, good chance of 1- 2 Poison Stack at this point.
Depending on Mob count (1-3) and Monster's actions, maybe Acid Spray rank 3.
If Acid Spray rank 3, it usually increases Poison Stack to 2 or 3 before the Damage Over Time ticks on Poison Cloud rank 3 since Acid Spray is a fast attack.

During a the last ten minutes of a Raid / Incursion, I start with a Minor Fire Rune (first action before anything else) for a total of 100% DPS in DOTs and a good chance at Poison Stack 1- 2 before Poison Cloud. With an Onslaught Boss you can even fire a second Minor Fire Rune after 3 seconds of combat for 120% DPS in DOTs. Major Fire Runes up this to 110% and 120% DPS in DOTs.
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