Who Kicked Me?

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Who Kicked Me?

Postby Matrix » Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:00 pm

I'd like to suggest that the mail a player gets when they're kicked includes the name of the officer who kicked them.
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Re: Who Kicked Me?

Postby FT_Dari » Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:16 am

This is a great suggestion Neo! I think it would be good to have it listed in the guild news section and also be listed as removed rather than xyz has left guild. Eg 'Neo was removed by Dariah''
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Re: Who Kicked Me?

Postby Aiyardana » Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:02 pm

I'm on the fence about this one. I've been kicked from my guild, but it was always after getting a polite email from the GM saying he was making room for a raid, and that we were all welcome to come back. Because of this, I feel perfectly comfortable with the idea that my own guild might kick me at any time, even without notice, and I won't have bad feelings for the simple fact that I am comfortable with my guild mates, and know they do things for the guild and the active characters, and I am welcome back at any time.

If I had gotten kicked from some other guild, one I joined to help with a raid, without any notice, which has never happened to me so far, I probably would not feel all that great about it.

So, I can see getting notification with a reason (i.e., if a GM or officer kicks someone, they have to type a reason, or pick from a few canned options) that would end up in an email to that toon. This would also be the "confirm" dialog so if the GM or officer hit the wrong button, they could cancel out and NOT create a big firestorm.

But changing the guild news maybe isn't the best idea. I mean, if the guild or officers wanted others in the guild to know that someone had been kicked for some less than noble reason, he/she can just send an email. Why publish it on the news so that new guild members can take a look and get the idea that this guild seems to like kicking members (when in fact they are making room for a raid)--without context, it might look like a bad guild to join.

I'd be curious to know WHY you are interested in knowing who kicked you and what you would do with that information. In my opinion, it would be far better if there was a way for a player to rate guilds for various features, perhaps using a 5 star system, so you can see immediately what your fellow players think about the guild.

For instance, Rate this guild on these criteria, where 1 star is low/infrequent and 5 stars is high/frequent:

- Raid Frequency
- Staying on schedule
- Helping new players
- Chatting
- Welcomes Mercs
- Char/Toon loyalty
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