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Re: Improving Onslaught

Postby Camaro » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:54 pm

Little_Mike wrote:Thank you for your suggestions. Just going to reply to a few things that you posted.

1) The poison issue is a bug on the client. This will be fixed in the next client update.

2) The yellow bar is not coming back. There's no room for it in any case since the boss cards got larger. One of our goals in this patch was to make it seem more like you are fighting the same boss over the period of time and not killing him over and over. Onslaught is supposed to help reinforce that by maintaining buffs/debuffs between hits. It's not perfect but it's better than before. As for number of lives, try to think of it as a numerical representation of his total health. :)

Hi Venan, please seriously consider bringing the old yellow bar back. I agree some of the posters above. Us players need to feel we are dealing with one huge boss instead of many. Current purple heart as the health of the boss doesn't make the boss as one stands out prominently since the red HP bar that repeatedly gets depleted tricks us into thinking we are in fact killing the same boss over and over again.

Instead of depleting the red HP bar, deplete purple heart. Give the purple heart a % and damage done to the raid boss is reflected in the purple heart. Make the red HP bar as the overall boss HP or the old yellow bar. Basically boss has 100% purple heart and everytime you deal the damage, the purple heart % goes down the same way the red HP bar goes down in current patch. When the purple heart % goes to 0, players get the victory screen with the choice of leave or continue with En and a description of "You have wounded the raid boss" and the wound damage(same as 1 purole heart deduction) will reflect in the red HP bar. Bottom line is we are switching the function of purple heart and red HP bar to give a fake illusion on players tricking them to believe they are killin one boss.

P.S. I would replace the "Victory" in victory screen with "Vallus was wounded", for example. Because the word "Victory" sounds like you have just won one battle against one raid boss.
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Re: Improving Onslaught

Postby Hachiman_Defender_of_Oda » Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:58 am

I'd get rid of the Red bar all together, just go with the Purple Hearts as a %.

As a player I should't know when a "bucket" is almost done. I should push my best attacks forwards and hit until that "bucket" is up. i like the idea of changing the text from "Victory" to a random sentence like, "with the beat of his wings, the dragon pushes you back" or "The dragon makes a huge swipe towards you with its tail and you dive out of the way" or something to set the stage for the next "bucket". That would give a more continuous flow for the raid, and add a little more excitement since you're not sure when your complete each "bucket".

I also agree that with the excellent art that BoH has, that having the images change (based on damage taken) would be a beautiful opportunity for the artists to showoff some more of their mad skills!
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Re: Wound vs Defeat of Raid Boss

Postby Bj_Knows » Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:09 pm

BjofCJandBj wrote:
Lord_Venan wrote:But I think the perception of "killing" them over and over is a bit of a holdover from playing the game so long that way. It's a confusing concept to represent in the UI, and we do think it's better. I'm curious if new players will have that same perception or not.

I think part of the Dungeon/ Raid Boss confusion is the Red Heart:
Empty Red Heart Health Bar= Defeated Dungeon Boss
Empty Red Heart Health Bar= Wounded Raid Boss
Zero Purple Heart Counter= Defeated Raid Boss

The Empty Red Heart Health Bar means two different things depending on the circumstances.

A simplier solution would be to make Dungeon Bosses and Raid Bosses identical. Just set the Purple Heart Counter to 1 for Dungeon Bosses. No confusion about what means what for Bosses.
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