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Global Raids

Postby Bj_Knows » Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:54 pm

Global Raids would allow anyone to join.
Global Raids would last 90 minutes and cost 5 Gold Shields.
Add three new Global Raids, one for each Valor- Squire Valor(sqV), Soldier Valor(SV) and Knight Valor(KV).
When you start a new Global Raid, you pay 5 Gold Shields, and initially only your Guild Members can join. Once you have five members in the Raid, a new Guild is formed “Global_YourGuildNameHere” with might requirement matching the Raid’s minimum Might. Whoever started the Global Raid would be the Guild Master for “Global_YourGuildNameHere”. This temporary Guild has a member limit of 30 members, including those already in the Global Raid. Once the Reward Mail is sent, “Global_YourGuildNameHere” is disbanded. Global Raids last 90 minutes.
Why only three Global Raids?
Global Raids are intended to supplement Raids, not replace them. By having one Raid for each Valor, it is easy for Mercs to remember what Raid they want to join based on Valor type. For Guilds that post a Raid Schedule, it will be easy to spot the Global Raids.
Why 5 Gold Shields to start?
Global Raids will put a heavier load on Venan’s Server. They have to pay Server fees even if the Raid fails.
Why five Guild Members from the Guild starting the Global Raid?
Five to ten members seems to be the break even point for getting people interested in a Raid. Most Raids with four people cannot attract enough Mercs to finish a Raid.
Why is the name of the temporary guild “Global_YourGuildNameHere”?
“Global_YourGuildNameHere” makes it easy to Search Guild Page when Mercs are looking for a Global Raid. “YourGuildNameHere” has a positive history, no history, or a negative history with Mercs, this lets them know if they want to raid with your guild.
Programming would require a new field “2nd Guild” but most of the code should be the same for current Guilds, searching for current Guilds to join, and current Raids except for error checking. Ex: While in the temporary Guild, Officers and higher cannot promote members of the original Guild.
Not only would this save programming time, but players already familiar with regular Raids would already know how to find temporary Guilds and play Global Raids.
Why does the person starting the Global Raid become “Global_YourGuildNameHere” Guild Master?
Someone has to be Guild Master to manage the temporary Guild. The starting character has Raid starting privileges, already.
Why is there a limit of 30 members?
Venan has already set a limit of 60 on Guilds. Since normal Raids are designed with less than 100% attendance, 50% of 60 seems a good compromise between too many Mercs and not enough people for a Raid.
Why does a Global Raid only last 90 minutes?
Global Raids will put a larger load on the server. By limiting the time to 90 minutes and paying 5 Gold Shields to start, this helps reduce the impact on Venan. Since Global Raids are meant to attract Mercs, shorter lets everyone get their rewards sooner. If you cannot get enough Mercs to run a Global Raid, Venan already offers 120 minute regular Raids.

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