Guild vs. Guild

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Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derpy_as_I_wanna_be » Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:33 pm

The idea of guilds competing with each other for cash and prizes is popular. At first it might seem like a good idea to do pvp challenges for all x guild vs. y guild members but I think that would tax the system too much, i.e. cause a lot of lag.

What I propose is that guilds fight each other in a raid format. Each guild would face off against waves of the other guild's toons as pve enemies. The system would create enemies based on the toons in the guild at the time of the challenge. So if a toon is a level 35 Justicar, the system would generate a generic level 35 justi to be part of a wave. I am guessing it would be too difficult for the system to keep track of builds so it would have to do generic builds, some melee and some spirit, etc. Might levels might be applied to the generic toons, if the system can handle that.

I think that facing the other guild's toons in onslaught waves would be a good challenge! The raid could run for one hour and the waves would keep recycling the same toons as need be. To account for different guild sizes, the winner would be the guild with higher ratio of combined guildRPP divided by the number of guidlies participating in the raid.

Possibly, the guild master could be presented as a Boss enemy once all other toons have been defeated and then the waves would start over again. Slay the GM more times for more prizes?

Anyway, that's my latest idea.
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Bimbosigliere » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:38 pm

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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Shekka » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:11 pm

I like this idea also!

Bim, it doesn't say active toons, just toons in the guild at the time of the challenge start.. Old spoons would still be formidable. :)
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derpy_as_I_wanna_be » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:57 pm

As I suggested elsewhere, another idea would be to have both guilds enter a jointly run raid with the highest rpp total winning.

One GM would send the Raid as a challenge to the other GM and then they both rally their troops before the second GM accepts. Then both guilds work on the Raid as fast as possible. No mercs allowed... Or needed.

I suppose creating specific raids for dual guild duels might be in order. They could be onslaught with good mat drops. It might be a good place to put the "all the bosses" challenge. It would also make sense to have the auto-leveled enemies in this kind of raid.

The guild that wins gains power and prestige. Should the other lose the same amount?
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derpy_as_I_wanna_be » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:24 am

I dunno... 100 waves of each boss from Skar on up. Or should Skar, Lockbolt, Overseer, et al be just part of mobs e.g. one mob has a smaller (on screen) version of Skar, LB and Overseer, auto-leveled to your toon so you face all three? I figure each tier of valor's bosses would be available for that 100 waves.

Or the bosses could be on-screen together like the Prince and Lord of Blades share the screen in that one raid. But then it's more likely to only be 2 at a time. Either way, not a bad challenge!
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derpy_as_I_wanna_be » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:57 am

Let's see...

Each toon pays 2e per phase and hits for 10 seconds, killing as many of that boss as he can (no limits).

1. Skar
2. Lockbolt
3. Overseer
4. Kraken
5. Zuur
6. Helion
7. Corrupted Guardian
8. Cerberus
9. Red Dragon
10. Vallus
11. Queen Bogworm
12. General Marzipan
13. Trask
14. Direhorn
15. Goblin King
16. Lord of Blades
17. Omega Construct
18. Karnak
19. Vilepaw
20. Prince of Blades
21. Drol fo Sedalb
22. Caliban
23. Originator
24. Sha'lyn
25. Hunter
26. Hunter 2

Not raid bosses: Callisto, Yodrin & Dragon Yodrin

One GM selects the raid, clicks Challenge then picks from the guilds in their range for their top valor tier (10 above and 10 below) then clicks Send. This sends an alert to the other GM. When the other GM clicks Accept, a joint raid chat for everyone in both guilds opens up. The members on both sides gather then both GMs have to click Begin to start the timer.

The raid lasts one hour and each toon completes as many phases/kills as possible. 2e per 10 seconds of onslaught against each boss in succession. The drops are equivalent to raids in the same valor tier but no valor payout at the end.

A wager system / entry fee could be added.

The guild that has the most rpp at the end of the hour wins and gets the power and prestige payout plus any wagers. The wagers would be divided by top totals per toon.
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derpy_as_I_wanna_be » Thu May 12, 2016 12:49 pm

One major concern for gvg is always going to be relative strengths. You have differing numbers of toons and toons levels/mights. How do we level the playing field without totally discounting superior guilds entirely? We want it to be a fun competition while maintaining the fact that some guilds are more powerful than others.

But if the underdog wins, they should gain some bragging rights too!

I propose that in a raid guilds have strongholds that are manned by defenders that the other guild will have to defeat as raid mobs. The percentage of guild members participating in the raid vs. the total number in the guild would determine how many defenders there are to defeat.

One GM would issue the challenge to the other GM and after the other GM accepts, both guilds have 15 minutes for guildies to join then entry is locked. During the 15 minutes, no changes to guild membership are allowed. (This would help prevent membership number manipulation). 100% guild participation means 100 defenders in the stronghold.

So the goal is for each guild member to defeat the stronghold defenders as quickly as possible.

The level/power of the defenders would be based on the guild level. I'm not sure how exactly to respresent the relative strength of guilds. Obviously KoTOR vs. a small starter guild would be totally unfair but there are higher level guilds with a small number of members now. They should be able to participate in gvg without being auto-defeated due to lack of members.... Or should big guilds only fight vs. guilds with the same number of members??

Or... The gvg raid could only allow exactly the same number of particpants in each guild. One toon per guild can enter at a time then they must wait until the other guild adds another one to lock both toons in place.
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Re: Guild vs. Guild

Postby Derp_looks_like_a_Lady » Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:30 am

It could be a raid / PvP hybrid competition. Both guilds participate in fighting waves of critters (or representative pve toons) then after so many waves, an Arena opens up and challenges can be made but only raid participants are selectable or queueable, so the lag time should be minimal and matches would be guaranteed.

It could be that each side has a single champion per round and all can watch the combat live or multiple matches could be fought simultaneously so that everyone has a chance to fight that round.

Then back to wave combat until the next round of Arena combat and so on. I think wave enemies should be auto-leveled to the toons.
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