Glenfort Games - Final Results!

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Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby Lord_Venan » Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:19 pm

The Games are over, the results are tallied and our list of winners is below!

For our victors, the following spoils will be awarded:

2500 Hero Tokens
1500 Knights Valor
50 Gold Shields

Due to the grueling nature of this contest, we've also decided to award consolation prizes for our 2nd and 3rd place finishers:

1000 Hero Tokens
250 Knights Valor
10 Gold Shields

A note about the prizes: Due to technical contraints, it is currently very difficult to send non-currency awards, or multiple items, to several people. Due to the large number of recipients, the rewards were limited to currency only. We're continuing to work on this, so that next time we can get more creative with the awards we're giving out.

And now... your winners!

Monster Slayer

K_G_Ash(Ashura) Kills: 7845
SirHumble(SirHumble) Kills: 7592
Esstyle(Lionhead) Kills: 6534

Shadow Walker
Celesial_Hai5(Seiei) Kills: 14551
aantiix(aantiix) Kills: 7475
Leeaiwaz(Aiwaz) Kills: 6154

War Mage
DancesWithGuilds(Angelique) Kills: 7685
GioRGiO(GiorGiO) Kills: 7475
K_G_EmpressFeline(sheila) Kills: 6154

Master Quester

ivangotoy(ivan) Quests: 166
Mully(Mully) Quests: 129
usere844138b(Zariethial) Quests: 122

Shadow Walker
Crystalto(Hikari89) Quests: 145
ricki(ricki) Quests: 138
user7455e5b0(Rahvin) Quests: 138

War Mage
DancesWithGuilds(Angelique) Quests: 198
Porstam(Michel) Quests: 153
Skronipes(Gre) Quests: 139

Hero of Glenfort

SirHumble(SirHumble) Hero Score Earned: 55699
K_G_Ash(Ashura) Hero Score Earned: 54020
ANGELOFSUFFER(WARCRY) Hero Score Earned: 46090

Shadow Walker
Celestial_Hai5(Seiei) Hero Score Earned: 83407
Crystalto(Hikari89) Hero Score Earned: 47909
KaiN(KaiN) Hero Score Earned: 46351

War Mage
DancesWithGuilds(Angelique) Hero Score Earned: 82874
GioRGiO(GioRGiO) Hero Score Earned: 47062
K_G_EmpressFeline(sheila) Hero Score Earned: 44761

Zero to Hero

LordTemplar(Archon) Might Gained: 4068
LadyTemplar(Bones) Might Gained: 4024

Shadow Walker
user7455e5b0(Rahvin) Might Gained: 3142
Kirie(Ari) Might Gained: 3084
Krynn(Kryss) Might Gained: 2756

War Mage
Tinykillar(BoomBoom) Might Gained: 5030
DancesWithGuilds(Angelique) Might Gained: 4120
LordTemplar(Archon) Might Gained: 4040

Onslaughter 1

NikoNarf(Bluko) Encounters Per Energy: 1.0684
...No other qualifying players...

Shadow Walker
Guts(Testamona) Encounters Per Energy: 1.1138
Agnes(Aryanna) Encounters Per Energy: 1.1083
Schneeflockenfaenger(Myrobalan) Encounters Per Energy: 0.7990

War Mage
Lucinda(Riley) Encounters Per Energy: .8105
gabbi(Michelle) Encounters Per Energy: .5381
Kitax(Fwa) Encounters Per Energy: .5342

Onslaughter 2

SirHumble(SirHumble) Encounters Per Energy: .8769
Giiz(Gii) Encounters Per Energy: .7304
Keneng(Stone) Encounters Per Energy: .5152

Shadow Walker
Celestial_Hai5(Seiei) Encounters Per Energy: 1.3464
K_G_GangnamStyle_Toyz(Legoz) Encounters Per Energy: 1.1800
Celestial_Neo(Matrix) Encounters Per Energy: 1.054

War Mage
GioRGiO(GioRGiO) Encounters Per Energy: .9645
Ethan(Athen) Encounters Per Energy: .6828
...No other qualifying players...
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby CJ_the_Girl » Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:54 pm

Wheeeee! It was a total blast, guys, thanks!!
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby ARC_ShinoFanGirl1 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:03 pm

Congrats to all the winners! The Glenfort Games was so much fun! Let's do something like it again! ^(^_^)^
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby Zelestial_Goddezz » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:05 am

Hai is the god of BoH! No one can touch him. Congrats!
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby Lucinda » Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:32 am

Thanks was lots of fun !!
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby Ansgard » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:49 pm

Best event yet! Congrats to all winners and looking forward to next time...
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Re: Glenfort Games - Final Results!

Postby mikey808 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:34 pm

This thing was lame.. need better ideas for prizes.
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