Bj's PvP FAQ (improved)

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Bj's PvP FAQ (improved)

Postby Bj_Knows » Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:12 pm

Bj's PvP FAQ (improved)

Q: What determines my PvP Rating
A: Your maximum *possible* PvP Rating in 85% Gear and Level.

Q: How much is Luck.
A: Luck is 5- 10%.

5% of your max PvP Rating is Combat Rolls.

10% of your max PvP Rating is the pool of Opponents you fight. Half, or more, of your Opponent Pool is Luck.

In your Opponent Pool, if you always lose versus EricM, don’t fight PvP when EricM is logged in. If you always win versus beekeo, try to fight PvP when beekeo is logged in.

Q: I think PvP is 50% Luck.
A: Lets test this. Take off all your Gear, including your Weapon, and fight PvP.

Q: That’s not fair, I *need* my Weapon, punching sucks.
A: Your Level, Items and Hero Tokens make up a huge portion of your PvP Rating.

Q: But I lost my last PvP Bout due to unlucky rolls.
A: PvP Rating cannot tell you how individual Bouts will come out. It is like the weather forecast. If 50% of the city is getting rain, your part of the city may still be bone dry or it may be flooded, but half of the city is rained on. As a general rule of thumb a 500 rated character, using its best PvP Gear, will do poorly versus a 3000 rated character, using its best PvP Gear.

Q: That’s 100%, what part is skill?
A: Skill determines 90% of your minimum PvP Rating (remember this 90% is part of a minimum, so it is a different 100% from the maximum).

Level 34 Shadow Walker BarbSpice can get into Bronze I PvP League just using Basic Attack and zero Defends.

Bronze I characters can be very skilled, low Tier Gear characters, or very unskilled high Tier Gear characters. But all the Top 100 are both high Tier Gear and skilled.

10% of your minimum PvP Rating is Opponent Pool.

Q: I thinks PvP should be 100% Skill.
A: Tic Tac Toe is 100% Skill. But it is boring once both players have mastered its skills. Other games use increasingly complex rules to restrict your options. BoH rules say, you have to earn, or buy, Tier 17/ 18 Gear, Enchants Rank 9, Full Tomes and Tier 7 Gems before you can use them in any combat, including PvP.

Q: How can I increase my PvP Skills.
A: PvP Challenges versus Guild mates are an excellent way to test initial cool downs, combos, tactic and counter- tactics, letting you get the maximum PvP Rating you can.

Q: When should I start Enchanting?
A: Start Enchanting after you unlock the Vile Realm.

Q: But you started when the Workshop was unlocked.
A: I have many years playing BoH ( [teasing] Professional on a closed course, do not try at home [end teasing] )

Q: What should I Enchant first?
A: It depends on your play style. Find a PvP Guild with a similar play style, and find out what Enchants they use.

Q: So you won’t help me?
A: Not won’t, can’t. I don’t know enough of about your play style. Remember, BoH is a game. What I find fun playing BoH is not the same as what you find fun.

Q: No, you need to help me.
A: I play BoH for fun. As soon as I *have* to write these FAQs, there had better be a fat paycheck in it.

Q: How high should I Enchant to start?
A: Transferring Enchants are expensive, especially Rank 4 and higher, unless you are using Gold Shields (Arcane Transfer). So I recommend stopping Enchants at Rank 3 until you get Tier 18 Gear. Also it is easier to start over if you pick wrong Enchants for PvP or Raids.

See also Luck Enchant

Q: I lost a huge amount of Ratings, but when I won, I only got a little back.
A: You should only look at your PvP Rating after each Weekly Reward mail from Venan. After each single PvP Bout your rating can fluctuate a huge amount, since it depends entirely on the outcome of the Bout, the two ratings before the Bout, and Statistics.

It is similar to the way your *exact* weigh fluctuates. After you eat or drink or put on clothing, your exact weight will go up. After you use the toilet, take off clothing, your exact weight will go down.

To demonstrate this, weigh yourself every 15 minutes for a week.

Q: I don’t have that time.
A: Weigh yourself every 15 minutes for 4 hours.

Q: Still don’t have the time.
A: Then you will have to take my word for it.

Q: My current PvP Rating is wrong!
A: Venan has no control over your PvP Rating. It uses a well established Math Forumula. Just like 2+2= 4, you are claiming 2+2= 5*. Venan knows PvP has issues, but your PvP Rating is not one of them.

Q: What should I spend my Marks on?
A: Recipes are always a good use of Marks because in PvE, most of the highly prized ones are ultra rare drops (except those from Majerio's Shop or Quests Rewards).

Marks suck for buying Gear.

It takes 189 PvP Bouts, or 375 Gold Shields of Resolve, to get a Tier 6 Gem.

Once you first complete a Coliseum Gear Set, it helps you improve your PvP Rating by about 10%. But when you sell it, you get silver coin not Marks, so wait for Tier 18 Coliseum Gear.

It is much better to use the XP, and silver coin, from the PvP mini-game to improve your PvE until you reach Tier 18 Gear.

Raiding is a good way to get Gems, because you also get Hero Tokens which help in PvP. But Valor cannot buy Tier 18 Coliseum Gear.

You can purchase a Tier 12 Coliseum Amulet, or Ring, to help get 9000 Might for The Vile Gate Raid (the lowest Might Raid that drops Enchant Materials). A single Coliseum item only gives you -2% or -4% VS Monsters.

After Enchant Recipes, and Tier 18 Coliseum Set, next best deal, relatively speaking, is Enchanters Lockbox. If you like Lockbox, try it every 4 Days. This means you are spending 50% of your Daily PvP Bonus on Enchant Materials. Any Enchants you improve can be you can transfer to higher Gear.

Personally, I do not use any Lockbox, except Shards or silver coin. One for Gems/ silver coin, the other because it is a fun mini-game.

Q: How often should I fight in PvP
A: If you are in Bronze, Silver or Gold Leagues, do your 4 PvP Bouts for Daily Bonus, then quit for day.

Q: But *Gold* shouldn’t I PvP a lot to get into Masters?
A: The short answer for doing 4 PvP Bouts per day at Gold, Mark League rewards are unbalanced until you get to Platinum & Masters. So use Raids to get Tier 18 Gear, then when get to Platinum use Marks to get into Masters.

But these are just my recommendations; spend your Marks, and Resolve, whichever way you have fun.

Q: But I *like* the lower Tier Coliseum Gear.
A: PvP is a mini-game in BoH, a larger game. If you are having fun, play it any way you like. Games should be fun, otherwise, why are you playing them?

Q: PvP matching sucks, why can’t they make it better?
A: Matching based on modified Elo rating is thoroughly tested and verified. However, every time you lose in PvP, it takes five wins in PvP to make you feel better (Note 1). A better indicator is to compare your total wins to total fights.

Q: Why is my total wins roughly 50% of my total fights?
A: Two people fight. If you never won, you would quit PvP. If you never lost, your opponents would never win and they would quit PvP so you would have no one to fight.

Q: But X has more than 50% wins.
A: Matching is finding the best balance between all players currently in the Coliseum. This is even more complex than modified Elo rating. However, most Top 100 PvP characters will have a hard time finding a match with 50/50 chance of their opponent winning. So high level PvP characters will have more wins than 50%. If you want to be in the Top 100, 85% of max PvP Rating is Gear and Level, and 90% of min PvP Rating is Skill. Get Farming and issuing PvP Challenges to your Guild mates.

Q: So PvP Rating is just based on your Might.
A: A high PvP Rating means a high Might character, but having a high Might character does not guarantee a high PvP Rating. A War Mage has no decent Melee Attacks. Equipping 20 Tier 6 Melee Gems will give a War Mage lots of Might, but will not help in PvP. Equipping 20 Tier 6 Magic Gems will give the same Might, but be very helpful in PvP. It is a skill to design a character not just for Might, but also PvE and PvP success.

Q: I am stuck in Bronze, I should be in Silver

As a general rule of thumb

If you have:
Tier 12 Gear, Player VS Player or Player VS Anything (PvP or PvA),
& No Enchants,
you cannot get into Silver PvP League, only Bronze.

If you have:
Tier 16 Gear (PvP or PvA)
& 18 Enchants at Rank 3, or higher,
& Tier 3, or higher, Gems,
you can get Silver but not Gold.

If you have:
Tier 18 Gear (PvP or PvA)
& 18 Enchants at Rank 3, or higher,
& Tier 6, or higher, Gems,
you can get Gold & might be able to get into Masters.

This will change as Venan changes the Gear available.

Q: So how *exactly* is PvP Rating calculated.
A: PvP Rating is based on this:

beekeo wrote:here is the wikipedia page that discusses different implementations of the ELO system used in professional chess tournament match making:

Q: But that is a modified Elo rating system for chess.
A: It uses the same mathematical basis.

Q: But that Math is hard!
A: Very hard.

Q: Can’t you make it simpler?
A: No.

Q: What is your PvP Rank based on?
A: It is mostly based on your PvP Rating.

Q: The #1 PvP character in the world has a lower PvP Rating than the #10 PvP character in the world.
A: After every PvP Bout, a character’s PvP Rating change. PvP Rank updates on a schedule, similar to Guild Prestige. Just like the Overall Might Leaderboards, if several characters are close, the higher PvP Rank is given to the character with the most recent increase.

Q: Venan mentioned Match Making Rating, what is it?
A: Your PvP Rating is mostly based on your hidden Match Making Rating (MMR). Your MMR is used to match you in PvP.

Q: Wait, I thought PvP Rating was based on modified Elo rating?
A: Yes. Your MMR is based on modified Elo rating. Your PvP Rating is based on your MMR. Thus your PvP Rating is ultimately based on a modified Elo rating.

Q: Why would you hide the MMR?
A: If you do not PvP during a Season, your PvP Rating is zero. But if you fought 2000 PvP Bouts last Season your MMR is still accurate. Separating the PvP Rating from the MMR lets Venan keep the information, even when Venan resets all the visible Stats. It is possible Venan has other reasons for the separation, but that is the public one.

Note 1)
As Professor Baumeister noted in his study, “Many good events can overcome the psychological effects of a bad one.” In fact, the authors quote a ratio of five goods for every one bad.

*In base 10, quite you.

Volunteer- donating BLOOD to Red Cross, SWEAT to Forums.


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Re: Bj's PvP FAQ (improved)

Postby Bj_Knows » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:12 am

In Mail & PvP Chat Bj_Knows wrote: Experimentation is key, for a while there I was trying Ice Storm 1 as my first move to use up Icy Grasp's initial cool down, but Frozen Shard turned out to be better.

PvP is growing on me since realized Gear>Enchants>Gems/Tomes>Skill>Available Opponents (so stealing that Macrene). so Cassidy just chilling in Bronze I.

PvP Marks best for Enchant Recipes>T18 Coliseum Gear>Enchanter's Lockbox>Gems (Fights=combats in 20e Dungeon for 3 Shard Lockboxes)>Other Tier Coliseum Gear. Marks & Coliseum Gear system currently poor since mini-game.

Means I'm not using Marks on Coliseum Gear, or Gems, until Tier 18 Gear. This lets me look at rapidly growing amount of Marks plus I got Cassidy all the Recipes (2h, Fire/ Ice) that took WM Agatha months to Farm in Dungeons.

PvP Daily Bounty is your friend :-)

Interesting how most low levels have random Gems, so PvP seems random. Most high levels have tuned their Gems & Enchants but so many high level abilities are hugely influenced by RNG that in a single Bout between even characters, it could go either way.
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Re: Bj's PvP FAQ (improved)

Postby Kryzec » Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:12 pm

If you have:
Tier 16 Gear (PvP or PvA)
& 18 Enchants at Rank 3, or higher,
& Tier 3, or higher, Gems,
you can get Silver but not Gold.

What? I got to gold 1, almost plat 3 (1760ish) with all t16 gear and lvl 4 enchants with tier 3/5 gems. If you don't suck you can do it. All these players with 40-60k might in gold with full t18 + enchants and tier 6/7 gems are just bad at the game.

Edit: Currently plat 2, still rocking 5 pieces of t16 gear, still under 30k might.
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Latest Edit: 2+2=5

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:51 am

Latest Edit: 2+2=5

Bj_Knows wrote:Q: My current PvP Rating is wrong!
A: Venan has no control over your PvP Rating. It uses a well established Math Forumula. Just like 2+2= 4, you are claiming 2+2= 5*. Venan knows PvP has issues, but your PvP Rating is not one of them.
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