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Re: Not just a gripe about Silver

Postby _Nømåd_ » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:59 pm

scurvynaive wrote:My point is that he isn't really asking for a way to maximize his spending, he is asking for silver to scale with difficulty instead of hitting a ceiling at trask. In short, he wants a response from Venan not from other players, as helpful as they may be. His complaint is legitimate imo and is all over the forums so he is not alone. Sorry if I offended previously.

YES THANK YOU. I can't believe I'm being attacked here on this point. There is another thread of people making up songs on how hard it is to get silver FFS. Might isn't MY issue, the fact that you have to farm so hard for silver IS. This game should be about fun and my play time is so limited that the idea of spending all my E just to get silver is abhorrent. I want to raid. I DONT EXPECT TO NEVER HAVE TO FARM and I don't waste money on diamond gravers because I haven't gotten to that point on any toons yet. I do spend more money on powerful healing pots than Vile. I don't need help in "maximizing spending" I need silver gained to be higher in higher end dungeons to match the amount of E I put in when I do farm.

I can't be alone on this so stop attacking me and support this stand so Venan will DO something to help!
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Venan Response about silver coin Loot Drops

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:13 pm

scurvynaive wrote:In short, he wants a response from Venan not from other players, as helpful as they may be.


I do not work for Venan.

Hi Scurvynaive,

If you, and the original poster, want a response from Venan, you might be better off with a Customer Service Email (Note 1).

Note 1)
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Re: Not just a gripe about Silver- Dev Response?- Petition

Postby Darkhorse » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:36 pm

This probably won't be a response you like, but it's the one I'll offer.

We want silver to be a chase item. A certain amount of silver sink is typically good on the economy. As others have mentioned in the thread, there are more economical ways of "farming" silver and there are more economical possibilities outside vile potions for spending it.

Previously, silver was abundant, and essentially meant nothing. Players amassed it and had nothing to spend it on. Now they do. Like any other currency or gear in the game, it's another form of progression.

You could make the argument that "farming" silver is less fun than "farming" valor, and that is probably a valid opinion. That being said, right now we're pretty comfortable with the silver levels in the economy.

As for attacking people for their opinion, nobody should be doing that. Opinions are just that, and the more we have, the better.
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