Vile Realm, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet, Orosin)

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Re: Vile Realm Wandering Bosses

Postby finnpalm » Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:49 pm

1MA_scurvynaive wrote:
RF_finnpalm wrote:
Bj_Knows wrote:I'd be interested in where you got 0.25% as a number.

I think that's because it takes approximately 400 combats before they show up. Not that that mathematically means a 1 in 400 chance, but I think that people use it that way. It took me about 400 battles too. If I'm average, which is most likely if it's a bell curve, then.. *calculates*..

EDIT: Can someone do the math please? I'm on a tram and it's shaking. :3

EDIT2: What I'm trying to say is that other elites that drop pots, holigob or lucky only becomes more probable to meet if you spend e in one go. The moment you leave the zone the probability resets. The same happens after you encounter them.

But let's assume that the game remembers how much e you've spent in either of the vile realm maps, and it actually works like this, what is the formula for the other elites and event mobs? Or perhaps it's a flat rate chance and after 399 battles the probability automatically becomes 1. I think it would be a bit cumbersome for the game servers to keep track of every single player farming in the vile realm so I'm not sure..

Ya I more or less pulled that number out of a hat based on personal experience estimates. The fact that others are reporting a dev told them it was 1 in 400 would be pure luck on my guesswork lol.

That's not really what I meant. :) The number stated by a dev had been lowered too according to the rumor however, which means an average of players meeting them 1 in 400 is more probable, although the actual chance is lower.

What I mean is, if the chance is 1 in 400, some players will be lucky and stumble upon Saydon immediately, while some will be unlucky and meet him only once in 400 statistically. The average of those players will be somewhere halfway. The only way to get closer to the actual 1 in 400 number would be by counting every players encounters over a longer span of time in which case the number would move towards an average of 1 in 400. But that probability is based on an infinite amount of time, and we're not quite there yet, only a couple of weeks into 2.0, so basically I would estimate that the number, based on most players claim that it has taken them about 400 fights, is 1 in 800. If, as some players have stated, players have spent between 200 and 400 fights before encountering any of the mobs, the actual number is closer to 1 in 600. The more time that passes and the more players that encounter them, the better the statistics will become for us to extract a more correct number. As of now however, I'd estimate it's between 1 in 600 and 1 in 800. But I have what? Five accountings to go by? Not really a good foundation for statistical conclusions. :)
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random bosses

Postby TheGreatBearJew » Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:25 pm

I found a random boss (golem)named brommet in the accused steppe war of councils area....ive done this twice in about 300e.......ive heard there is another but not name or location of where to.find other?
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Re: random bosses

Postby Win_or_Lose » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:24 pm

Bromet hangs out in the Accursed Steppe locations.
Saydon hangs out in Mistwalker Woodlands, not quite as tough as Bromet but has an ability to completely heal himself.
They are both very rare appearances - seemed to come more often when v2 was first released, now I haven't seen either for some time.
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Re: random bosses- Merged

Postby Millhouse » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:30 pm

I saw Bromet once on an alt. Had no idea these random bosses even existed so when it happened I was so surprised. I barely got out of that encounter alive. And he didn't drop anything awesome for how hard he was to kill and rare to find. Just money and pots if I recall. Maybe a gem. I just don't remember so clearly his loot wasn't memorable.
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Re: Vile Realm Map, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet)

Postby Pratz » Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:15 am

Add Orosin, Keeper of the Silence to the list. Ice elemental located up by spider queen in Serrated Scar.
Thanks Venan :)

Orosin_sml.jpg (116.03 KiB) Viewed 5765 times
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Re: Vile Realm Map, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet)

Postby Bj_Knows » Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:01 pm

Posted from my iPod

In Guild Mail Bj_Knows wrote:
Orosin, Keeper of the Silence, is a rare Wandering Boss Ice Elemental in Serrated Scar Map of Vile Realm.

It appears in any zone except the Dungeon, Underwell Passage drops Pristine Crystals & Putrid Pools have Ooze.

Its Ice Armor Buff, is immune to Purge Rune but *not* Sticky Grenade (both cast & damage unaffected), "Reduces incoming direct damage by 75% and grants 100% status and knockback resist". Good time to use Dodge 20% Potion & Crit 20% Potion with a Defend or Sticky Grenade as needed.

Funny attack name, "Icy Dead People".
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Re: Vile Realm Map, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet)

Postby NightRaven » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:04 am

Orosin is very much as described in the two previous posts. Very tough, at least 100k health. If you encounter it, hope you have lots of runes and potions as well as some serious speed. Orosin is very quick, and if you dont slow it down, expect two attacks minimum to your one, most of which are status inflicting as well. Also has the high resists as mentioned.
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Bromet Tips

Postby Bj_Knows » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:50 am

Bromet Tips
Recommend use Cleanse Potion when Petrify becomes Stack 2 or 3.
When Bromet has a long attack, use Stun or Minor Frost Rune. His Petrify is fast attack & high Status Resist, so short attack time, followed by Petrify, will Resist your Stun or Rune.
Since Petrify slows your character, Periodic Damage (DOT) is useful.
Minor Purge Rune on Stonewall Buff.

Bromet Attacks (Versus War Mage)
Forceful Punch approx. 1500 Damage
Stone Stomp approx. 500 Damage
Shattering Force approx. 5000 Damage

Bromet Buff
Stonewall (incoming damage -33%, Status Resist +50%) remove with Minor Purge Rune.

Main Theme
Petrify is a Slow Debuff, 15% per Stack (max Slow 60%). When Petrify Stack at 4, his next attack is Turn to Stone 0.40s (and your character is very slow). If you Resist this attack, his next attack is Turn to Stone 0.00s. Once Turned to Stone, he casts Shatter Force with does approx. 5000 damage.

Misc Data
Forceful Punch 0.57s, become Forceful Punch 0.68s when Chilled (Snap Cast+ Ice Storm)
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Re: Vile Realm, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet, Orosin)

Postby ÎmmØrtÃl » Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:37 pm

Played with Osiris today...looking for his "sisters now"
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Re: Vile Realm, Wandering Bosses (Saydon, Bromet, Orosin)

Postby Deadlift » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:11 am

Someone determined the odds of finding, yes?
There's no achievement for it, maybe there should be. The rewards aren't totally great for the amount of time spent finding it, and BoH doesn't have rare drops like weapons and armor..
I wanna find orosin, only got the accursed steps boss
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