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PvP Myths

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Archived for Research (80Archive)

You can help alleviate many of the below problems by getting together with other people (Guild members, Allied Guilds, Friends, etc) and PvP at a set Server Time each day. The larger the group, the more likely you will fight within your group. If you PvP against a member of your group, and there is a huge Might difference, at least someone in your group will win.

Rating: Medium and up

Myth: PvP should be more fun! More rewarding!
Truth: Smartphone Games tend to be small game companies. Small game companies tend to be PvP with sub game PvE, or PvE with sub game PvP. BoH was originally a PvE game with no PvP. However, that is changing since so many players demanded PvP. In BoH 1.0 there were no Potions. You used Energy instead of Healing Potions and Cleansing Potions. Venan has already stated in the Forums PvP Exclusive Gear and Consumables will be added in the future. PvP Leaderboards suggest Rewards similar to Weekly Leaderboards. PvP is currently following the progression of PvE, but PvE seems more polished since Venan released it in the USA Apple App Store on Dec 1st 2011. PvP was released Jul 22nd 2013, 1.5 years later. MY PERSONAL OPINION I expect PvE to get slightly more of Venan’s development cycles since the game was originally PvE only.

Myth: There are no Brackets in PvP!
Currently Level 10- 31 fight each other and Level 32 fight each other. MY PERSONAL OPINION, Venan has not commented, but many high Level players have noticed the larges Might range between Bouts once you reach Level 32. A Level 32 fighting a Level 31 would increase this range. More Brackets would be possible if this was originally a PvP oriented game.

Myth: PvP is unfair because my opponent is my Level plus 4!
Truth: PvP is not fair, PvP is challenging. The only way to make PvP “fair” would be to fight a clone of yourself with a clone of your character. Some people have more experience at PvP/ or a particular Class/ Build/ Gear/ Enchants/ HP. Experience with any of these things gives you an edge. You may still lose, but an edge. Some characters are better at PvP than others (example: see Forum for Health Gems). This will give you an edge.

Myth: PvP is unfair because my opponent has 1,000 Wins to my 1 Win!
Truth: See Matching below.

Myth: There no Might Cap in PvP!
Truth: Might Range is tricky because it involves math. Fake Example: GvG has a range of + or - 40% Prestige. A Guild A has Prestige 10,000 for a range of 6,000 to 14,000 for opponent Guilds. A Guild B with 6,500 Prestige has a range of 3,9000 to 9,1000 for opponent Guild. Even though Guild A is outside the range for Guild B, Guild B is *still* inside the range for Guild A, so Guild A (10,000 Prestige) can end up fighting Guild B (6,500 Presitge). It is better to think of Range as the *lowest* a Guild could fight. If you take Guild B’s 6,500 Prestige and divide by 0.6, you get 10,833, the highest Prestige Guild that will have Guild B in the low end of its range. This lower limit is necessary for PvP and GvG since Max Might and Max Bracket Level characters need a pool of opponents. So Guild B could fight Guilds from 2,600 (Guild B's lower limit) to 10,833 Prestige (opponent Guild's lower limit). Huge differences in Might are more common with high Might to Level ratio (see below), low Might to Level ratio, and using lots of Resolve Potions in a short period of time or an opponent with lots of Resolve Potions.

Myth: No one will PvP me!
Truth: It is possible to complete all Quests including killing Emperor Trask in “Emperor’s Court” in 3 days. Meaning a character can have enough Might to survive and complete "Emperor's Court" Dungeon, or higher, in 3 days. Until you reach Max Might, it is possible to have a very large Might compared to other players of your Level. If everyone who looks for a PvP bout in your level range, especially in 10- 31 Bracket, is outside your lowest Might allowed, you will find no matches. If this happens all the time, try back when you go up a Level. The can also happen if you PvP a lot at low levels. The XP from lots of PvP can give you an very low Might compared to other players of your level since you get XP *even if you lose*, where you only get PvE XP when you defeat a Monster. In this case you might try Raiding to earn Valor and Hero Tokens to improve your Might. Remember, most high level Gear can only be bought by Valor, and the largest part of Might is Gear Tier Times Location Bonus. Your Guild members will be able to help you determine if your Might is too high or too low for your Level.

Myth: I will wait 2 days if I can fight someone my Might/ Level/ HP/ Enchant Ranks/ Tier Gear/ Tier Gems/ Win Total/ Loss Total/ Bout Total
Truth: It takes two players for a PvP bout. If you wait 2 days for an opponent of X Might, as soon as that opponent logs in, they will instantly fight you. To you it took 2 days, to them it took 1 sec. Combine this with Myth of No Might Cap, and a Max Might character waiting 20 minutes for a Bout can be matched in 1 second with a character at the low end of their range. The lower Might character will cry “I want to wait longer for someone my Might”, but the Max Might character already waited 20 minutes. Weighing the wait time of all players waiting for a PvP and GvG Bout may will sometimes result in instant matches that appear hugely uneven because of the Matching Range and the long wait of high Might characters. This is especially true of characters with a high Might to Level ratio or low Might to Level ratio.

Research Note (you can skip this): There is a Rumor that the longer a player waits, the larger the acceptable Might Range for matching. Some people will wait 30 seconds, then abandon matching and try again. This does not help, because your *opponent* may have been waiting for 10 minutes (see above).

Myth: It is unfair, I am 40k Might so my 20k Might opponent gets huge rewards for losing, but I less rewards for winning.
Truth: If you Win you will get 100 Beta PvP Tokens (20,000 * 0.005) and your opponent gets 120 Beta PvP Tokens (40,000 * 0.003). All other rewards will be proportional. This is still better than zero Rewards because no character in the PvP queue is 40k Might that week.

Myth: My opponent is a whiner because I am 40k Might and they were 20k Might, and when I Won they got more Rewards than I did.
Truth: You both got Rewards, but only the Winning character gets +1 Win to PvP Feats. Even if your character already has 1,000 Wins and their character had 1 Win. In PvE it is possible to never lose. In PvP, ever Bout has a character that Lost. In PvE a player can quit because it is no fun, and other PvE players can still play. In PvP a player can quit because it is no fun, and the Matching will become worse as the pool of potential PvP characters shrink.

Myth: Venan doesn’t care about PvP.
Truth: MY PERONSAL OPINION If Venan did not care, they would scrap PvP. Unless Venan can clone you and clone your character, one player in a PvP Bout will have an edge. They still might lose, but they will have an edge. Some players will have an insurmountable edge against their current opponent. The alternative is the only allow characters with the same Total Bouts, Total Wins, Class, Might, Gear, Gems, and Enchants to fight each other. Take a minute and check the 5 characters above your character on the Overall Might rankings versus your character. Now check the 5 charcters characters below. Did they have the same Level, Class, Might, Gear, Gems and Enchants? Venan can only match the PvP characters currently in the queue and those who appear in the queue. They have to put some limits on the Matching.

Rating: Advanced and up

Myth: The longer you wait, the more likely you will lose to a high Might character.
Truth: Every second you wait, you have the same chance of matching with a character and winning a Bout as you do of matching with a character and losing a Bout. This is similar to misunderstanding Lockbox or a lottery. The first time you play the lottery you could wind a $1 million USD. The first time you open Abe’s Holiday Lockbox you could get the Tier 15 Angel Wings. No matter what the min and max possible for Might and Level of your opponent, until a player logs into PvP in that range, you cannot be matched. Just like the Lockbox, or the lottery, nothing can be known until the Server looks for a match. Unlike the Lockbox, or lottery, the odds are not automatically better for a low pay out and worse for a high pay out. Factors needed to determine the odds are number of characters at each Level and each Might within your matching range. Usually time each of these characters enters PvP. How many Resolve Potions do they use. How successful are they against a character similar to yours. How good is their connection to the PvP Server. This can be tested by any player. Make a list of how long it took to match you with an opponent (jot it down on a piece of paper), the opponent’s Level & Might (I recommend a Screen Cap), result of the match, Server Time, day of week and date. There will often be big patterns (ex: When East Coast schools let out) and little patterns (ex: More wins with Fire Jewelry than Luck Jewelry), but wait time will not be one of them. Wait time is totally random! (Note 1).

Note 1)
Okay, pseudo random.
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