Math: Calculating Might (Strategy,Data)

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Math: Calculating Might (Strategy,Data)

Postby Bj_Knows » Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:20 pm

This post is only for the very technically inclined player.

Edit: no longer current

A) Add up all the points you have in the following eight stats (found on your character's Stat Page): Melee, Magic, Crit, Crit Power, Physical Resist, Magic Resist, Dodge, & Haste. If you have two stat numbers, one in black and one in green, use the black one. The other is your modified stat from Buffs (Favors, Blessings, Abilities, etc.). Ex: My Shadow Walker has a total of 6,734 points
B) Subtract Twice your Armor (found on your character's Equipment Page) from Total A. Ex: 6,734 - (2 * 900 ) = 4,934
C) Add all bonuses from Max Health Gems (found on each individual item) to Total B, this is your Might Rating. Ex: 4,934 + 1,204 = 6,138

Researcher's Note: Armor (added to Physical Resist and Magic Resist) and Max Health from Level are the two most confusing parts to calculating your Might Rating. Guild Members are also confused by Favor of Health since Health does not have a black and green stat, all you see is the total including Favor of Health and Blessing of Vitality.

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Re: Math: Calculating Might (Strategy,Data)

Postby routters » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:11 am

There is another way of expressing the formula that is particularly helpful in planning how to increase your Might. It breaks Might into three components:

Level Might = 30 * character level

Hero Might = sum of Hero Training with Daedelus

Gem Might = sum of gear tier * Location Boost * gem boost for each augment gem


Location Boost = {
• 4 for Chest, Amulet, Ring, and two-handed weapon
• 3 for Helmet and Legs
• 2 for all else

Total Might = Level Might + Hero Might + Gem Might

You can increase Might with higher character levels, more Hero Training, better gear, and better gems. The formula shows how much each component will raise your Total Might.

Also, here is a quick example of calculating Gem Might: a +4 gem that is placed on a Tier 7 Helmet contributes 4 (gem boost) * 7 (gear tier) * 3 (Helmet's Location Boost) = 84 towards Gem Might.
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