Fine Tuning Might (Tip,Strategy,Data)

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Fine Tuning Might (Tip,Strategy,Data)

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:13 am

Remember Location bonuses for Might Rating.
When going strictly for Might Rating, spread your Hero Tokens around.
Level 25 gives you maximum Might Rating from levels.
The more Gem Slots B & C you unlock, the more Might Rating you can get. Unlocking Gem Slots D is expensive, but necessary for very high Might Rating.
4000+ Might Rating can be achieved as a Level 25 Solo Adventurer spending no real world money.
4000- 8000 Might Rating takes a while, unless you spend a lot of real world money.

When equipping a high Tier Gem, unlocking Gem Slot D (white color), buying equipment or upgrading equipment, remember location bonuses.

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Tier of item x bonus on gem x slot bonus

For example, if you had a Tier 5 helm with a +2 melee gem it would be 5 x 2 x 3 (helm slot bonus), or +30 melee. The slot bonuses are as follows:

• Chest, [Two handed weapon], Ring, Amulet – 4
• Head, legs – 3
• Back, wrist, feet, main hand, off-hand – 2

If you find, or buy, a Tier 3 Gem, and put it in a Chest Armor Slot, you get twice as much Might Rating as a Feet Slot as long as the Chest/ Feet are the same Tier.

If you unlock a Gem Slot D (white color) in your Chest Armor, it is worth twice as much Might Rating as a Feet Slot as long as the Chest/ Feet are the same Tier.

If you buy a Tier 9 Amulet, you get more Might Rating than if you buy a Tier 9 Feet.

If you buy a Tier 7 item, upgrading your Tier 3 legs gets you more Might Rating than upgrading your Tier 6 Head since they both have the same location bonus.

If spending Gold Shields, Tier 9 Chest Armor, Amulet, Ring and Two Handed Weapon are best for increasing Might Rating.

To find Dungeon Bosses that drop Tier 3 Gems, see this URL: Gem Drop List by Tiamat
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If you *only* want Might Rating, upgrading all your Tomes/ Hero Training the same amount gives you the most Might Rating.
Tomes have an arithmetic progress. For each +8, it requires 5 Hero Token above the previous step increase.

+0 to +8 is 10 Hero Tokens or +1 Might Rating per 1.25 Hero Tokens
+8 to +16 is 15 Hero Tokens for a total of 25
+16 to +24 is 20 Hero Tokens for a total of 45
+24 to +32 is 25 Hero Tokens for a total of 70 or +1 Might Rating per 2.187 Hero Tokens
+32 to +40 is 30 Hero Tokens for a total of 100
+40 to +48 is 35 Hero Tokens for a total of 135
+48 to +56 is 40 Hero Tokens for a total of 175 or +1 Might Rating per 3.125 Hero Tokens

So +16 to all Eight Tomes costs 360 Hero Tokens, while +128 to One Tome costs 760 Hero Tokens but both give you +128 Might Rating.

Every time you go up a level, your stats go up, increasing your Might Rating. Not much compared to Tier 3 Gems and Tier 8 items. Going from Level 24 to Level 25 gives you +30 might.

Raiding Kraken, Might Rating 1800+, gets you Soldier Valor for Tier 10 items.

All ten Gem Slots A are free. Unlocking all twenty Gem Slots B & C (ten each) cost 300,000 Silver Pieces. Unlocking all thirty Gem Slots B & C & D (ten each) costs 1.55 Million Silver Pieces. You can get millions of Silver Pieces by playing for hours. You can also get more Silver Pieces faster by using real world money to buy Tier 6/ Tier 9 instead of Tier 1-5/7-8 items and save your Silver Pieces for Gem Slots and Tier 1/2 Gems.

When version 1.3 came out, I spent 2.9 Millions Silver Pieces on Tier 2 Gems and Tier 7 items. I only got 4000 Might Rating.

CJ's free Justicar ($0 IAP), after thirty days of insane playing, (Typist's note: I don't have a problem. I can stop any time I want. HEY GIMME MY PHONE BACK GAAAAAH!) has a Might Rating of 4798 (four Tier 3 Gem, all Gem Slots A & B & C unlocked, one Tier 10 item, and nine Tier 8 items).

A month ago my wife CJ used gold shields to buy thirty-two Tier 3 Gems and eight Tier 9 items and only got 5000 Might Rating. She could have gone higher by spending gold shields on Hero Tokens. Now after three weeks of soldier valor and hero token from raids, she got to 7846 Might Rating (thirty-two Tier 3 Gems, all Gem Slots A & B & C & D unlocked, five Tier 9 and three Tier 10 items).

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