Max Guild Power or Max Energy Regen or Steatlh Members

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Max Guild Power or Max Energy Regen or Steatlh Members

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:26 am

Max Guild Power or Max Energy Regen or Stealth Members

20 Officers, plus 240 Stealth Members, will let up to 260 Guild Members Raid at the same time.
6 Officers, plus 80 Stealth Members, would join a Stealth Raid.
After members use +8 Energy from Guild Perks, an Officer will kick Stealth Members to free up 80 Guild Slots, but Stealth Members remain in their Raid.
A Guild can run up to 3 Stealth Raids at the same time.
When a Stealth Raid nears completion, Stealth Members rejoin the Guild for their +10% Bonus from 0 Mercs and their +10% Raid Reward Bonus for Guild Perks.
Guild Loyalty is never lost by Stealth Members since they are leaving and rejoining the same Guild.
Alternatively, 60 Veterans (main characters), plus 240 Stealth Members (alternate characters), lets 60 players regenerate 2 Free Energy per 1 minute.

In BoH v1.6.1, Guild Loyalty stops at Level 5, Guild members kicked from the Guild remain in any Raid they have already joined, and Guild members kicked from a Guild never lose Guild Loyalty, as long as they rejoin the Guild they were kicked from. This allows you to have Stealth Members. Stealth Members do not take up a Guild Slot yet they still get Guild Perks and Stealth Raids can still get +10% bonus for 0 Mercs.

Note: Stealth Members works best with characters that have reached Guild Loyalty Level 5.

The more Guild Members you have, the more Power you can generate for your Guild. The Guild Prestige will fluctuate when Stealth Members are kicked and rejoin.

Divide Stealth members into teams by using prefixes and leave characters as recruits. Ex: 1DWR_Bj (Recruit) would be Stealth Team 1 because of the “1” prefix. The Standard Guild Member List will list each rank alphabetically, including Recruit, making it easier to kick a whole team.

A Guild Officer starts a Stealth Raid. The Stealth Team joins the Raid and uses their +8 Energy from Guild Perks. The Guild Officer then kicks the whole Stealth Team opening up their Guild Slots. Just before the end of the Stealth Raid, the Stealth Team rejoins the Guild. This gives the Stealth Members +10% Raid Rewards from Guild Perks and the Stealth Raid +10% bonus for 0 Mercs. After the Raid Rewards are sent, the Stealth Team is kicked from the Guild.

Optionally, Stealth Squad Leaders can be temporarily promoted to Veteran, to kick Stealth Members. Squad Leaders should have a similar prefix to make promotion easier. Ex: 10DWR_Bj (Veteran) would be a Stealth Team 1 Squad Leader because of the “10” prefix. Two Squad leaders works well since one can start kicking at the start of the alphabetical list and one can kick from the bottom of the list.

Note: Stealth Teams need to join 20 minutes before the Stealth Raid to regenerate their +8 Energy from Guild Perks. Stealth Raids work best with longer Gold Finish times. However, the +10% Raid Rewards and +10% bonus for 0 Mercs is more important, than 8 Free Energy, so this step can be skipped.

While the Stealth Team is in a Stealth Raid, they are not using Guild Slots. So the next Stealth Team, can join the Guild and start a Stealth Raid. BoH v1.6.1 limits a Guild to 3 Raids, Stealth or Normal, at a time.

Since BoH v1.6.1 has balanced Captain Valor Raids for 40 characters, 80 characters should have an easier time finishing any Raid. Since the Guild Cap is 100 characters, this leave slots for 20 Officers, including the GM. These 20 Officers can start Stealth Raids and kick Stealth Teams.

Reserve Option
The Guild can alternatively have 60 Veterans, plus 240 Reserve Members (Recruits). Reserve Members are similar to Stealth Members. Every Veteran is the main character on an account. All Reserve Member are the 4 other characters on an account. 20 Veterans would start a Raid. Once a Veteran was out of energy, the player could bring in a Reserve Member. After draining the Reserve Member, the player would kick them from the Guild and bring in the next Reserve Member. By rotating through five characters, each player would regenerate 2 Free Energy per 1 minute. With just two characters, each player would still regenerate 2 Free Energy per 2.5 minutes.

Note: Since Reserve Members do not get time to regenerate the +8 Energy from Guild Perks, and most of the Reserve Members will not be part of the Guild when the Raid Rewards are sent out, Reserve Members only need Guild Loyalty 1 or 3 to get the +5% or +10% Raid Rewards. Alternately, you can rotate which character is the Veteran on your account, each week or month, and thus gets the +8 Energy from Guild Perks.

Research Note: Reserve Members work best in a Regular Raid since Regular Raids are most constrained by regenerating 2 Free Energy per 5 minutes.

Note: Controlling Reserve Members is easiest if you have 3 devices to run BoH simultaneously. This allows you to have a Veteran admitting Reserve Members into the Guild. See Little_Mike's warning about Multiple Device Raiding.
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Re: Max Guild Power or Max Energy Regen or Steatlh Members

Postby Binnes » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:18 am

What is the reward of this? Seems like a lot of effort for a lot of people for not much advantage especially if your guild already raids consistent golds
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