How to write a bug report

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How to write a bug report

Postby admin » Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:21 pm

In order for us to fix bugs quickly and easily, please make sure to follow these guidelines when creating a new bug.

1) Search the Known Issues Database
Please search the Known Issues forum to see if your bug has already been reported. Do not create a duplicate bug, even if the bug is still happening to you. If you see the bug in the Fixed Issues database, it is okay to report the issue again.

Duplicate bug reports will be closed. This is to help streamline the bug database and to ensure we can get through issues quickly.

Search Help

2) Descriptive Titles
Make sure your title is a good description of the bug. For example, if your music drops out when fighting in The Fallow Fields, make your subject something like "Music goes away when fighting in the Fallow Fields."

3) List Exactly What You Were Doing
Sometimes, bugs happen because of a series of seemingly unrelated events. Please make sure to list them all. For example, you might list your steps like this:
    1. I started a playlist from the iOS springboard
    2. I started playing Book of Heroes
    3. I went to the Fallow Fields
    4. When I got two Feral Hounds, the music stopped playing
What Device Are You Using?
Make sure to include your device (iPhone 4s, Motorola Droid Bionic, etc.) and your OS version (iOS 5.1, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.2, etc.)

Hopefully, you won't run in to too many bugs in the game, but if you do, help us by following these guidelines when reporting your issues.
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