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Why was I silenced or silence FAQ 2

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:41 pm
by Bj_Knows
Why was I silenced or silence FAQ 2

Q: Why was I silenced
A: You should have gotten a mail with the general category (Profanity, Illegal Activity, Spam).

Q: But the email said “X” and I didn’t do “X”
A: I would suggest asking your guild mates what you said in global that qualified as “X”.

Q: But I haven’t said anything in global for weeks.
A: Then it was probably a whisper or BoH mail.

Q: But I haven’t sent a whisper or BoH mail for weeks.
A: Then it was probably in guild chat

Q: But guild chat isn’t moderated!
A: Venan, and it’s volunteer mods, do not *actively* moderate guild chat. Guilds, GM and officers, are free to set their own chat rules.

However, if some violations are brought to a mods attention (Harassment, Abusive Behavior, Illegal Activity, etc.) because mod, or Devs, are mercing the guild’s raid, or
a participant in guild chat (member or merc), brings it to a mods attention, or
customer service investigated and reviewed the reports on your account (flagged whispers, chats or mail that were previously permanently cached), the behavior will be flagged or placed under sanction.

Additionally, repeatedly violating a guild’s chat rules while mercing, may be considered for flagging or being placed under sanction.

Venan has removed the loyalty penalty for changing guilds since it unduly penalized players who joined a dying guild. This means any mod, or Dev, can temporarily join any guild chat. We probably aren’t always watching, but we could be. So play nice.

Q: I have racked my brains, and did nothing wrong. Tell me exactly what I did wrong.
A: Venan’s policy is not to give details for every sanction, to prevent trolls from arguing every sanction and “pushing boundaries” in the future. For large sanctions, 72 hour silence and Permanent Public silence, please contact Customer Service, who will review the case if the sanction is still in place when they process that part of the queue.

Q: But I can’t chat, bump me to the head of the queue.
A: Given the number of players, and number of Devs, for fairness Customer Service must process the queue in the order it was received.

Q: Tell me the person who silenced me, they can fix it.
A: Only Devs can alter a sanction, even if a mod says “Oops”, nothing can be done until a Dev has time to review it, and by then, the sanction may have expired.

Q: Tell me the person who silenced me, so I know who to avoid, or what not to do, in the future!
A: As a general rule, pretend that public chats are moderated by your staid, boring, strict grandmother. Not the cool grandmother with the tattoos and candy apple red convertible but the grandmother who always looks sour. If it won’t offend her, then it is probably safe.

Q: I *know* it was mod Y.
A: Even if true, in the future mod Q or mod 3.14159 could silence you. Obey the chat rules and no mod will sanction you.

Q: I know it was my comment at Noon, and mod Y silenced me but mod PiRSquared was *right there*.
A: Mistakes do happen, especially with the automated mod (yes their is one, no I won’t tell you how to avoid it).

Some of the mods have careers in law enforcement, legal training or are currently officers of the court. If mod Y knows they must legally take action, but mod PiRSquared is from another culture, or without the same training, something may not trigger a sanction from mod PiRSquared, but from mod Y. Terribly unfair I know, but Venan is a U.S. corporation.

Example: The U.S. Secret Service must investigate any threats against a current living president. An officer of the court must make sure Venan has recorded the incident (in case there is an investigation) and applied a reason response (to show they were not fermenting or assisting a terrorist). So if you say a living president must have (horrible thing involving harm or death) happen to them, congratulations, you have earned a report and a silence since Venan is based in the U.S.

Q: But I didn’t get a verbal warning or a written warning
A: Depending on the severity of the offense, and your history, the Dev or mod may have given you the maximum sanction without either warning.

Example: In the above example, a verbal warning or written warning is not appropriate, a silence is appropriate. No, I am not going to discuss U.S. Corporate Law and U.S. Secret Service guidelines with you.

Q: But mod CoolAsIce does not follow the above listed rule
A: Each mod can modify, and interpret, the above rules to some extent as they chose. However, some policies are set explicitly by Venan and are out of the mod’s control. Violating such a policy will get a mod’s status revoked.

Q: But the mods did it last time
A: It is possible the Devs and mods have discussed the issue, and clarified the policy, changed the policy, or an honest mistake was made last time.

Q: I am going to bug every single mod I see until I get answers
A: Please don’t do this. It is rude, violates the TOS and will get you sanctioned.

Q: You can’t stop me from whispering ALL THE MODS!!
A: Yes, yes we can. See above sanctions FAQ.

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