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Unofficial Might FAQ

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:19 pm
by Bj_Knows
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Make sure to shuffle your gems around for best Stat bonus

Bj_DWR wrote:Gem Stat Bonus
The final augment gem stat bonus equals (gem bonus * equipped item tier level * item slot multiplier). Gem bonus is listed at Majerio's Shop when you are looking to buy a gem. equipped item tier level is listed in the item description. The last is the item slot multiplier:

4x for Chest Armor, Amulet, Ring, and Two Handed Weapon.

3x for Helmet and Leg Armor.

2x for Cloak, Boots, Gauntlets, Main Hand Weapon, Off Hand Weapon and Shield.

Here are a couple examples:
A Tier 6 chest piece equipped with a +4 Haste gem would yield +96 Haste (+4 * 6 * 4).
A Tier 9 shield equipped with a +4 Haste gem would yield +72 Haste (+4 * 9 * 2).

Fine Tuning Might (Tip,Strategy,Data)
( viewtopic.php?p=2317#p2317 )
4000+ Might Rating can be achieved as a Level 25 Solo Adventurer spending no real world money.

Math: Calculating Might (Strategy,Data) ( viewtopic.php?p=2733#p2733 )
This post is only for the very technically inclined player.

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