Opening the Vile Realm Quest Faq

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Opening the Vile Realm Quest Faq

Postby Jïğğy_Før_thë_Rèsürrëctîõn » Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:46 am

*Upon unlocking the Undrian Plateau*

*Please note that there is a bit of farming/grinding to be done on some of these quests*

~Over the Undrian~
-Defeat 3 Goblin Commanders at the Undrian Gate

~A Bunch of Bull~
-Defeat 2 Minotaur Berserkers at the Switchback
-Defeat Direhorn at the Dire Pass
*Underboss you face again when you go up against GK*

~The Kingslayer~
- Defeat the Goblin King
*opens GK Dungeon that drops T4 red shards*

~Essence of the Vile Gate I~
*Picked up at Majerio's Camp inside Undrian Plateau*
- Gather 5 Alpha Wolf Paws
+From Blood fang in Dunia's Meadow in Glenfort Plains+
- Gather 5 Black Wyvern Scales +From Black Wyvern in the Canyon of Shadows in Urgesh Mountains+
- Gather 5 Grizzly Teeth
+From Steelclaw the Grizzly in Heart of Ebian in Ebian Forest+

**Note: You receive a recipe to craft Glenfort Light Essence, one of several ingredients needed to craft the Vile Gate Essence*

~Essence of the Vile Gate II~
- Gather 5 Cave Serpent Venom
+From Cave Serpent located in the Energy Mine in the Cursed Quarry+
- Gather 5 Unstable Ether
+From the Gate Warden in Ancestral Nithus in Lake Nithus+
- Gather 5 Iron Basilisk Eyes
+From Iron Basilisk in the Flame Cavern in Dragonmoor+

**Note: You receive a recipe to craft to craft Glenfort Dark Essence and one to craft Refined Essence*

~Essence of the Vile Gate III~
- Craft 25 Refined Essence
*crafted at the workshop using 10x essence and 1 refining salt bought from majeiro's shop under the special section*

~Essence of the Vile Gate IV~
- Craft the Vile Gate Essence
*After crafting Light, Dark, and Refined essence, these are all combine through crafting to get the Vile Gate Essence needed to empower the Vile Gate*

~The Vile Gate~
- Defeat the forces at the Vile Gate
*Showdown with the Lord of Blades ...Opens up lob/VG Dungeon that drops t4 yellow shards*

*Once you beat the Lord of Blades, the Vile Gate is empowered and you can now enter the Vile Realm~~~Level 30 requirement*

I didn't see any quest faq for this so I decided to write one to help folks that might need it. If anything is incorrect, please let me know.

Hope this helps you all. Happy Questing and enjoy

Jiggy :)
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