Dragonmoor quest faq

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Dragonmoor quest faq

Postby Jiggy_the_Unique_One » Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:15 pm

This a quest faq for opening Dragonmoor and the quest leading up to opening Eddas Keep Dungeon.

Prerequisites: Completing Ironhaven quest line and beating Helion in dungeon.

Alador the Elven Mage
-Collect 2 pulsing soul fragments: Isle of Nithus
-Collect 2 glowing soul fragments: Isle of Nithus
-Collect 2 scorched soul fragments: Infested Coast
-Collect 2 darkened soul fragments: Infested Coast

Helion's Sight
-Find 1 Corrupted Stone: Ghost Ship (Lake Nithus)
-Find 1 Cursed Stone: Ghost Ship (Lake Nithus)
-Find 1 Blighted Stone: Darkened Shores (Lake Nithus)
-Find 1 Deformed Stone: Darkened Shores (Lake Nithus)
-Find 1 Volatile Stone: Urgesh Borderlands (Urgresh Mountains)
-Find 1 Distorted Stone: Urgesh Borderlands (Urgesh Mountains)

Path to Dragonmoor
-Clear the South path to Dragonmoor (at this point Dragonmoor is open and you will be able to enter it after turning the quest in.)

Settling In
-Travel to Dragonmoor

Finding Eddas
-Question the fishermen
-Talk with Villagers
-Ask around the village pier

Burning Bridges
-Explore the Caldera Entrance

The Guide
-Ask about local guides
-Save the guide from his predicament

Expanding the Ranks
-Earn 30 Hero Score

The Door of Flame
-Follow Rowan through the Lava Caves

Alchemical Lockpicking
-gather 6 samples of red feverdew: Shores of the Realm
-gather 5 celandine leaves: Cliffside Forest
-gather 5 onyx ore flakes: Dragonmoor Canyon
-get 1 callus root from Rowan

*Note: At this point the quest lines split off into two directions because you are required to go with either Rowan or Alador. I will list both, starting with Rowan.*

(Rowan's Quests)
Rowan the Hero
-Travel to Ancient Door

The Cursed Stones of Helion
-Stop Alador from activating the stones

(Alador's quests)
Stabbed in the Back
-Defeat the group of pirates north of the city (Beach)

The Darkness of Helion
-Confront Eddas with the Stones

{With both The Cursed Stones of Helion and The Darkness of Helion you are entering Eddas Keep Dungeon. You have either sided with Alador or Rowan.}

*If any of this info is inaccurate please let me know so I can correct it.*

Many thanks to LãdyStørmstrîdër_CoGM for giving me the idea and the inspiration to write this faq.

Hope this helps many of you. Enjoy.
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