Shards of Ironhaven Quest path

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Shards of Ironhaven Quest path

Postby Retribution_Warsworn_GM » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:04 pm

Questing for the Shards of Ironhaven
First we will start with the Eldrich Symbols 1:
#1 is started by doing Plagueriders Pass.
Go to the Grotto, Fallow Fields to unlock the Grotto. Then finish in the grotto.

The rest of the Grottos will need to be unlocked and double as Quests, no point in doing them yet.
We will get to those in the quest path:

From the beginning of the game here is the quest path :
Ratheen Invasion
Divine Intervention
Ratheen Invasion 2
An Explosive Quest
Ratheen Invasion 3
Tunnel Rat
Feat of Heroism
Field Patrol
Lumberjack Thieves
A Friend in Need
Mapping the Route
Knock Knock
Lord Vander
The Bandit Hideout
Scout Work
**Lockbolt -{Unlocks Eldrich Symbols 2}
***Cursed Quary -{Unlocks Eldrich Symbols 3}
Mine sweeper
Warrior's Proof
Enemy Depletion
Gently Used
****Gereal Zuur -{Unlocks Eldrich Symbols 4}
The Glade
Glennire Staff
Hidden Way
Into the Darkness
A Special Mixture
Lighting the Fuse
Storming the Castle
A Clever Disguise
Sneaking In
Bandit Camp Brawl
Hero's Respect
Shores of the lost city
*****The Golem -{Unlocks Eldirch Symols 5}

** Eldrich Symols 2: (Ebain Forest)
Enter the Ebain Clearing, Deep Wood, and Forest Entrance. Just enter beat 1 round and leave to unlock each section. Continue with the Grotto.

***Eldrich Symols 3: (Cursed Quary)
Buy the ring of fate. Continue with the Grotto.

****Eldrich Symols 4: (Urgresh Mountains)
Fight through the Foothills till you have everything. Continue with the Grotto.

*****Eldrich Symbols 5: (Lake Nithus)
Fight through the Darkened Shores till you have Everything. Continue with the Grotto.

All Done.
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