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Bumping, Editing, Updating or +1 an old Topic

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:40 am
by Bj_Knows
Bumping, Editing, Updating, or +1 an old Topic

When I edit, or update, and old Topic, I do not bump the old Topic.

I quote the latest changes in a new post (including a link to the Forum Post if necessary) so A) people can find the old post, and B) can see at a glance the changes, C) I can delete old "latest changes" Posts when I add the newest one. A & B help people navigate the crowded Forums. While C helps keep the original Topic clean for new users trying to read it.

With a Smartphone (Mobile Version) or Computer (Full Web Version), once logged in, you can click on the Red Unread Post icon to go straight to the page (Smartphone) or Post (Computer) of the first unread post in a Topic. This lets your read a "Latest Edit" Post and skip the rest of the Topic. This will not help if a user only edits a previously read Post.

Keeping the Topic clean for new users is also why I tend not to post "+1". Topics full of "+1" can quickly become unreadable on a Smartphone, and eventual becomes unsearchable on a Computer.

I either
A) post new information on the subject. Ex: new Cleave same a Brutal Strike (speed, damage, Frenzy 3 bonus) with no Knockback, so good for Stunning Blow/ Cleave (Stunned Opponent immune to Knockback) or Elder Fury 3 + 2h Sword Rotations (Brutal Strike in cool down).
I use social media,
B1) Post about it on Venan's Facebook page or +1 the issue on Venan's Facebook page (including a link to the Forum Post if necessary).
B2) Have CJ do that Twitter thing that lets Venan know I am talking about them in a good or bad way (including a link to the Forum Post if necessary).
C) all the above.

Forum Good vs Forum Bad

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2016 11:17 am
by Bj_Knows
Forum Good vs Forum Bad


Besides the BoH Forum, consider posting to the BoH Facebook ( ) or Twitter ( ).

Forum Great:
Searching Bug Forum for solutions (use a computer, Note 1)
Alerting Venan to a bug not already in the Bug Forum (use a computer first, see above)
Checking Game Patch Notes

Forum Good:
Expert discussions on game mechanics (Note 2)

Forum Okay
GM posting a Guild Raid Schedule (Note 3)

Forum Poor:
Finding a Guild (Note 4)
Recruiting new Guild members (Note 5)
Finding a good PvP Build (Note 6)
Screaming at Venan before a rage quit (or using Venan's Facebook page)

Forum Terrible:
Chatting with Bims (Note 7)

Note 1)
Solving/ Reporting Bugs FORUM SEARCH

Note 2)

Note 3)
Only the original poster can edit the first post in a topic. Guild Info pages work much better since Officers can also update the Guild Info page with the latest raid schedule.

Note 4)
Log in when you can raid, and see what Guilds are raiding at that time. Merc with some of these Guilds until you find a good fit in schedule, Guild Chat, and play style.

Note 5)
Chat with players mercing your raids. Have a single player in charge of posting raid notices in Global chat.

Note 6)
Challenging your guild mates in PvP (1 resolve) then posting replays to Guild Chat, will let your guild members help you with your PvP Build.

Note 7)
705 posts, 312 after THE GREAT BIMS DISPEARANING SACRED TEXTS of July 2015