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Hourglass & Star Symbols for abilities

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:05 am
by Bj_Knows
Hourglass Symbol and Star Symbol for abiliites

Q: What is the Hourglass symbol on the different abilities?

The hourglass is the symbol for Time. In the ability list, an Hourglass symbol with a time next to it is the casting time of the ability. The Hourglass symbol on an ability symbol (ex: Defend) means the Affects happen during casting, not when casting is finished. The Hourglass symbol on a location (ex: Black Market) means the location has a limited time of appearance.

Note: Some abilities have casting time affected by your Weapon's Speed. For these abilities, switching to a faster Weapon will speed them up, while switching to a slower Weapon will slow them down.

Q: What is the Star symbol on the different abilities?

The Star symbol is the generic symbol for abilities. In the ability list, the Star symbol is partially shaded indicating a generic ability in cool down. The number next to this generic ability in cool down is the cool down for each ability on the list (ex: all Stuns rank 1 are 7.0 seconds).

Note: Most abilities have cool downs affected by your Haste Stat, so the more Haste your charactere has, the faster the cool down listed. Some abilities (ex: all Stuns) have a cool down not affected by Haste. These are usually the only cool downs in whole seconds. Ex: 7.0 second cool down on all Stuns rank 1.