Earning Gold Shields

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Earning Gold Shields

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed May 15, 2013 3:53 pm

Earning Gold Shields


Ever since Captain Valor was added (v1.5), Venan appears to have increased Gold Shield Loot Drops to the highest level ever. This levels the playing field for new players joining the game (see Silver Coin to Gold Shield). Everytime you get a Loot Drop, you appear to have the same chance to get a Gold Shield (Note 1).

Free Gold Offers
According to my Guildmates, the best way to get cheap Gold Shields are the Free Gold offers. About 50% are easy to earn and collect, 25% have a problem collecting the Gold Shield from the Vendor, and 25% they write off as too much effort to earn or collect from the Vender. Even if you just get the 50% easy, it adds up over time. Some people say if you have mutliple devices, you can claim each offer once per device.

Silver Coin to Gold Shield
You can also try your luck with Alchemist Lockbox.

Birthday Sigils
If you do not have a credit card, you might consider asking for iTunes Gift cards for your Birthday. Use the Gold Shields from these gifts to buy Sigils (increased energy). After you have all the Sigils, you might buy an Armor Bundle and Weapon (Note 2)

Note 1)
This does not apply to Onslaught Loot Drops (Crypt of Corruption, The Shadow Comes, Karnak's Final Stand).

Note 2)
Bj_DWR wrote:If you have at least one Level 25 character, you like BoH. If you start another character, and get to Level 15, consider buying a Soulstrike Armor Bundle (20% discount, 231 Gold Shields). Since it is expensive, you will have to use Real World Money to purchase Gold Shields. Tier 11 Soulstrike Gear is designed for Level 25 Monsters. You will get 250% more Defense and 183% more Stats from any Augment Gems than a Tier 6 Helm (14,925 Silver Coin). The Armor Bundle also includes Chest Armor (*4 Gem Stat Bonus), Helmet (*3 Gem Stat Bonus) and Leg Armor (*3 Gem Stat Bonus) (see shuffling gems above). Since you purchased it with Gold Shields, the Silver Coin you saved from buying Tier 6-9 Armor can be spent on unlocking Gem Slots and purchasing other items.

If you get the Soulstrike Armor Bundle, consider a Tier 11 Weapon for Gold Shields. You will do 264% Damage Per Second than a Tier 6 Weapon (29k- 45k Silver Coin). This will increase all your damage, Basic Attack, Class Attacks, Group Attack Runes, Bleed, Caltrop, Poison Cloud, Burn.


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Re: Earning Gold Shields

Postby GentleSoul » Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:25 pm

Okay I'm confused. I don't truly get any gold drops. When I raid with others in any raid, be it with my guild or when I merc, I see their triumphant shouts of Gold shield drops and I get nothing.

If, and when the shields drop I only get one, and that is only if I have all my toons in the raid where it dropped, and even then just one or two for one toon and none for the others.

On average I may get one gold drop during the quests per day and not for each toon either.

So my question is what is the gold drop rate for each toon and why is mine so low, despite how much "luck" Enchantment I have on my higher toons?
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