How Long are Raids? Incrusions? or Combat Zones Explained

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How Long are Raids? Incrusions? or Combat Zones Explained

Postby Bj_Knows » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:06 am

How Long are Raids? Incrusions? or Combat Zones Explained

Combat takes place in Zones. Endless Zones, Quest Zones, Dungeon Zones, Raid Zones, Elite Zones and Incursion Zones.

In an Endless Zone, you will spend 2 energy to enter and be faced with a group of 1-3 Monsters or Mobs. This is a combat encounter. If you defeat the Monsters, you are rewarded with a Loot Drop. Loot Droops usually contain Silver Coin with a chance for Minor Runes and Temple Potions. All combat is broken up into Combat Encounters / Loot Drops or CELD (Note 1)

In a Quest Zone, Dungeon Zone or Elite Zone, after a CELD, it will tell you how many CELD you have completed and how many total. Ex: After your fourth CELD, 4/8 means you have completed 4 of a total of 8 CELDs.

Raid Zones are designed for multiple characters. The Raid Zones are broken up into 1-5 Phases. After each CELD, it will tell you the percentage complete for the current Phase Ex: Phase 2 is 50% complete. If you go to the Guild Page, it will list all active Raid Zones and the percentage complete for the whole Raid Zone. Each Raid Zone requires from 59- 1,618 CELD to complete ( ). Raid Zones have Raid Timers (or Zone Timers). If you do not complete the Raid before the Timer expires, you will not receive any Raid Rewards. Raid Rewards are sent in a Raid Mail and are not Loot Drops. If your Guild completes a Raid Zone, you will be awarded Rewards based on your Raid Participation Points (RPP) divided by the Total RPP for everyone involved in the Raid Zone times the Valor Pool for that Raid Zone. Ex: If your RPP divided by Total RPP is 0.5, then you will get half of the Valor Pool.

Elite Zones are similar to Endless Zones. Each combat encounter can be a group of 1-3 Mobs or 1 Potion Elite (or Material Elite). The Potion Elite has an uncommon spawn rate. The Potion Elite has a 100% chance to drop an uncommon Material required for a Potion Recipe. The Potion Elite has a rare chance to drop a Potion Recipe.

Note: Quest Elite Monsters have a Bronze Skull Frame on the top of their Monster Card. Material Elite Monsters have a Silver Skull Frame. Bosses have a Gold Skull Frame.

Incursion Zones are unlimited like Endless Zones, but after every 12 CELD the Incursion Level increases. Each Level the combat encounters get harder and the Loot Drops get better until CELD 37 when you reach the Maximum Incursion Level (Level 4). This last level has the best Loot Drops. Incursion Zones have an Incursion Timer (or Zone Timer). When the Incursion Timer expires, you can complete your current combat encounter, but you cannot reenter the Incursion Zone for another combat encounter.

Note: Incursion Level 3 & 4 have Material Elite Monsters. The Material Elite has an uncommon spawn rate. Each Material Elite has a 100% chance to drop a Flux in addition to the Flux chance of the Loot Drop.

Note 1) Onslaught, Bonus Loot and Onslaught Bonus Loot are exceptions.
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