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Transfer Plates only Enchant Rank 3+

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:52 am
by Bj_Knows
Transfer Plates only for Enchantments Rank 3 or Higher

A lot of new players want to know how to transfer an enchantment. You can only Transfer an Enchantment of Rank 3 or Higher.

My personal advice for new players is Enchant your Cloak with Luck Rank 1 (Bonus Loot), then Disenchant when you get a better Cloak, until you start buying Max Tier Gear (currently Tier 14). This only costs you 1 Indigo Flux & 50 Essence (Disenchant returns 50 Essence) each time you do it. By only Enchanting one item, you do not lose a lot of Flux, but by having one item, the thousands of Loot rolls will include Bonus Loot every 200th roll.

Note: Enchants are stuck to a specific item. You cannot move them like Augment Gems. Transferring an Enchant from one item to a second item requires using the Workshop to create a Transfer Plate of the Enchant, which costs 54- 63% the original materials used to create the Enchant. It is recommended that you only Enchant one item (Note 1) until you have all Max Tier Gear (currently Tier 14 not counting a Craftable Quest Item).

Note 1)
You need to Enchant one item with Luck for the Enchant Quest Chain.

Bj_DWR wrote:Note: you cannot transfer a Rank 1 or Rank 2 Enchantment. Workbench Time appears to be 30 seconds for all Transfer Plates.

Re: Transfer Plates only Enchant Rank 3+

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 11:49 pm
by Fizz_JohnJSal
Any reason you suggest we enchant our cloak instead of some other item?

Cloak of Luck

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:45 pm
by Bj_Knows
JohnJSal wrote:Any reason you suggest we enchant our cloak instead of some other item?


As long as you only add a Luck Rank 1 Enchant, and disenchant it each time, then Cloak, Ring or Amulet works equally well.


However, advanced players may consider Advanced Enchant Strategies when first getting Enchant Quests.

Items that can be enchanted with Luck are Ring, Amulet, and Cloak. Cloak has the lowest item slot multiplier (Note 1) of the three. It you have a Tier 9 Ring, Tier 9 Amulet and Tier 9 Cloak, you get the most improvement from upgrading your Ring and Amulet. If you are low on Essence, and do not like Farming Essence, you can upgrade your Cloak of Luck from Tier 9 to Tier 12 and eventually from Tier 12 to Tier 16, skipping Tier 10 Cloak and Tier 14 Cloak. Using this strategy, you would upgrade your Ring and Amulet to Tier 14 before adding a Runic Enchantment. Since you are deliberately skipping upgrading to a Tier 10 and Tier 14 item to preserve Enchanting Materials, the Cloak has the least impact on your Might Rating and combat effectiveness.

Research Note: (you can skip this) One strategy, an expansion of the above, is to put a Rank 6 Enchant on your Tier 14 Cloak, Tier 14 Gauntlets and Tier 14 Boots, but wait until Tier 18 Gear to upgrade them and transfer the enchant since it will cost 64% of the Total Material cost to transfer a Rank 6 Enchant.

Note 1)
Bj_DWR wrote:The last is the item slot multiplier:

4x for Chest Armor, Amulet, Ring, and Two Handed Weapon.

3x for Helmet and Leg Armor.

2x for Cloak, Boots, Gauntlets, Main Hand Weapon, Off Hand Weapon and Shield.