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Quest Key:
Name of Quest .....Specific area – Zone.....Level that I completed each quest (levels may vary)
- Objective – Specific area if applicable. (Red text – Special instructions)

NOTE: Ironhaven/Eldritch Quests 1-5 Because there is a Complete Guide for these quests they will be listed here in Title only, if at all. To view the Ironhaven/Eldritch Guide for more details visit:

Ironhaven and Eldritch Quest Complete Guide…….Forums/Rules and Faqs – top of page.

Tavern Buddy .....Mucky Duck Inn – Glenfort Village.....1
- Add 1 Friend
To add friends you will need a friend code, your hero code can be found in the Mucky
Duck Inn under ADD Friend. This is also where you will add a friend code.
HINT: There are Hero/Friend codes you can use for the Feat/Quest. Go to Forums/Discussions/Hero
Code List.

The Bandit Hideout .....The Bandit’s Way – Ebian Forest.....10
- Bandit Compass
- Bandit Map
- Bandit Pass Phrases
(three kills ONLY needed for this quest)

The Bounty .....*See locations below – Fellmarsh.....21
- 6 Bounty Pieces (Rath’een Assassins) – Fellmarsh Caverns
- 4 Bounty Pieces (Rath’een Assassins) – Ferndell Swamp

The Checklist .....*See locations below – Lake Nithus.....19
- 4 Demonic Rath’een – Grieving Glade
- 3 shades – Grieving Glade
- 3 Bog Wraiths – Boglands
- 3 Gatekeepers – Boglands or Darkened Shores
- 2 Dredged Corpses – Boglands

The Codex .....Queen’s Nest – Fellmarsh.....27
- Procure Ancient Codex

The Corrupted .....Waterfall Cavern – Cursed Quarry.....8
- 8 Corrupted Mage Staves

The Craftsman’s Table Borderlands – Urgresh Mountains.....20
- Collect 10 Recipe Scraps
(This quest will open the Enchant/Crafting Workshop)

The Cursed Quarry .....Blood Stone Burrow – Cursed Quarry *See Ironhaven/Eldritch Guide

The Cursed Stones of Helion .....Eddas Keep – Dragonmoor.....21
- Stop Alador from Activating the Stones

The Dark Path .....Main Map Area.....21
- Find the Path through Fellmarsh Caverns

The Dig .....Glacial Drift – Frozen Vale.....20
- 5 Ancient Armor Pieces

The Door of Flame .....Lava Caves – Dragonmoor.....20
- Follow Rowan through the Lava Caves

The Dragon Knights .....Any quest/raid/portal.....19
- Earn 65 Hero Score

The Dragon’s Helm .....Tomb of Vallus – Frozen Vale.....19
- 6 Dragon Helm Fragments

The Enchanter’s Apprentice .....Workshop – Glenfort Village *See quest instructions below.....21
- Use a Catalyst
Enter the Workshop
Click Enchant
Select 1 of 3 possible magic gear items
Select Enchant, then Magic: Luck I and Enchant
Click Speed Up, then buy – Catalyst is used here.

The Energy Mine .....Energy Mine – Cursed Quarry.....26
- 5 Resonant Energy Stones

The Foreman .....Mining Shaft – Fellmarsh.....26
- Slay Emperor Trask’s Mining Foreman

The Frozen Vale .....Icy Waste – Frozen Vale.....20
- 8 Scouting Packs

The Gear makes the Hero .....Majerios Shop - Glenfort Village.....1
- Visit Majerios Shop-Specials Section
- Buy Armor-gear bundle - Specials Section

The General .....The General’s Courtyard – Fellmarsh.....27
- Slay General Mal’zann

The Glade .....Grieving Glade – Lake Nithus.....17
- 6 Scouting Reports

The Glennmire Compass .....Rath’een Campsite – Main Map Area.....18
- Find the Compass

The Glennmire Staff .....Main Map Area.....17
- Storm Glenfort Castle

The Glowing Stones .....Diamond Mine – Cursed Quarry.....26
- 4 Depleted Energy Stones

The Golem .....*See Ironhaven/Eldritch guide .....20

The Good Fight .....Any Flux Portal – Main Map Area.....25
- Kill 50 Vile
- Reach Level 25

The Guide .....*See locations below – Dragonmoor.....20
- Ask about Local Guides – Village Pier
- Save the Guide from his Predicament – Pirate Camp

The Hero’s Path .....Training Hall - Glenfort Village.....1
- Select you Character Class

The Hidden Way .....Caves of the Fallen – Urgresh Mountains.....17
- 20 Rath’een Map Scraps

The Key .....*See locations below.....13
- 3 Black Diamonds – Diamond Mine, Cursed Quarry
- 2 Fireroots – Seething Swamp, Urgresh Mountains
- 4 Rainbow Quartzes – Foothills, Urgresh mountains

The Kingslayer .....Hall of the Goblin King – Undrian Plateau.....28
- Defeat the Goblin King

The Kraken .....Kraken’s Lair – Cursed Quarry.....14
- Slay Dark Kraken

The Life of the Party .....Merchants Caravan – Main Map Area.....10
- Protect Majerio

The Lucky Blades .....*See locations below – Dragonmoor.....21
- Find:
- Lucky Sword – Pirate Caravan
- Lucky Dagger – Pirate Encampment
- Lucky Dirk – Pirate Ship

The Map Maker .....*See locations below – Fellmarsh.....25
- Locate Mapmaker Jorr:
- Clear Monsters near Jorrs 1st Map – Jorrs Mark
- Clear Monsters near Jorrs 2nd Map – Jorrs Southern Mark
- Clear Monsters near Jorrs 3rd Map – Jorrs Western Mark

The Old Tomes .....*See locations below.....26
- Visit Majerio’s Library – Glenfort Village
- Visit Alador’s Old Library – Dragonmoor

The Path to Dragonmoor .....Main Map.....20
- Clear the South Path to Dragonmoor

The Plague .....Rath’een ridge – Cursed Quarry.....14
- 8 Samples Plague Cure

The Plague from the West .....Frostmage Point – Frozen Vale.....21
- Defeat the Frostmages

The Plaguemages .....Caves of the Fallen – Urgresh Mountains.....13
- 9 Rath’een Plaguemages

The Resistance .....Safe House – Main Map Area.....21
- Investigate the Safe House

The Secret Ingredient .....The Pit – Cursed Quarry.....7
- Collect 5 Savage Wolf Fangs

The Silent Partner .....Throughout (got mine at Ironhaven Tower & Old Market) – Fellmarsh.....22
- 20 Plague Wolf Pelts (drops from all Plague wolves)

The Soulstone .....Diamond Mine – Cursed Quarry.....13
- 16 Demon Souls

The Stand .....Battle Grounds – Glenfort Plains.....14

The Swamplands .....Seething Swamp – Urgresh Mountains.....14
- 12 Scouting Reports

The Victors .....Any quest/raid/portal.....27
- Earn 400 Hero Score

The Vile Gate .....The Vile Gate – Undrian Plateau.....29
- Defeat the Forces of the Vile Gate

The Wandering Warrior .....Robbers Camp – Main Map Area.....7

The War Chiefs .....Area map – Fellmarsh.....24
- Slay:
- Warchief Jihr
- Warchief Zyn
- Warchief Darshak

The Way In .....Old Market Square – Fellmarsh.....25
- 22 Key Fragments

Thieving Rats .....Old Campsite – Fellmarsh.....23
- Recover Lost Armor and Weapons

Thrill of the Hunt .....*See locations below – Fellmarsh.....24
- Defeat the Fleeing Rath’een and take back:
- Gallu’s Lost Armor – Western Trail
- Quintus’ Lost Armor – Southern Trail
- Valens’ Lost Armor – Northwestern Trail

To Fellmarsh .....The Camp – Fellmarsh (Auto complete).....21
- Travel to Fellmarsh and meet Daedalus – Turn into the Camp

Tools of the Trade I.....(might increase = better gear, hero training, equip gems, lvl up).....10
- Achieve a might rating of 750
You can view your might by clicking on your char. picture/profile then click the second icon from
the left - bottom of page. Stats Page.

Tools of the Trade II .....(might increase = better gear, hero training, equip gems, lvl up).....16
- Achieve a Might Rating of 1500

Tools of the Trade III .....(might increase = better gear, hero training, equip gems, lvl up).....19
- Achieve a Might Rating of 2,500

Tools of the Trade IV .....(might increase = better gear, hero training, equip gems, lvl up, enchant).....25
- Achieve a Might Rating of 4,500

Trial by Fire .....Icy Waste – Frozen Vale.....19
- 3 Savage Polar Bears
- 4 Icy Wraiths

Tunnel Rat .....Deep Tunnels - Glenfort Village.....6

Turning the Tide .....Inner Tunnels – Fellmarsh.....27
- Repel Emperor Trask’s Surprise Offensive

Unlocking the Past .....Graycoast Bog – Fellmarsh.....23
- 15 Rath’een Scourges
- 15 Rath’een Miners
- 12 Giant Leeches
- 12 Swamp Vipers

Unlucky Pirates .....Shores of the Realm – Dragonmoor.....21
- Find 5 Enchantment Notes

Valdenian Standard .....Ebian Clearing – Ebian Forest.....8
- 10 Pieces of Valdenian Standard

War Preparations .....Shadow Gate – Fellmarsh.....27
- 10 Rath’een Miners
- 10 Rath’een Scourges
- 10 Rath’een Goliaths
- 10 Rath’een Generals

Warrior’s Path .....Main Map Area.....13
- 10 Goblin Ears – Goblin’s Outpost
- 10 Rath’een Fangs – Rath’een Camp

Western Rarities .....Waterfall Cavern – Cursed Quarry.....9
- 7 Alchemy Vials

:x What the Flux?.....Workshop – Glenfort Village.....27
- Craft 1 Dimensional Flux (Under Crafting)

Who Gives a Flux? .....Portals – Main Map Area.....27
- 5 Amber Flux
- 5 Emerald Flux
- 5 Indigo Flux

- (Flux has the highest drop rate in Phases 3 & 4. Also matching the flux to the portal will increase in drops of that particular flux. Example Ingido flux is most likely dropped in the Indigo portal, etc.)

Will-O-the-Wisps .....Grieving Glade – Lake Nithus.....13
- 15 Illusion Scrolls
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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby Logain_the_False_Dragon » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:38 pm

Vine rope quest..???
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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby Georgie » Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:41 am


I am trying to complete "What the Flux", and can not seem to find the Prismatic Flux and Prismatic Gem. Can someone help me?

Thank you.
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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby DreamingDæmon » Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:44 am

Georgie wrote:Hello!

I am trying to complete "What the Flux", and can not seem to find the Prismatic Flux and Prismatic Gem. Can someone help me?

Thank you.

These arent items you find, but items you make from materials you collect.
On accepting the quest, you'll have been given some crafting recipe. Go to workshop / crafting to see the recipes and the required materials. Collect the materials, craft the items in the workshop, go back to Majerio and job done.
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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby Georgie » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:53 am

Thank you for the reply. I now see what you are saying. Now I need to find that stuff. . Heh heh...

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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby Beams » Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:19 pm

The Shadow Returns is locked. I have the might. Is there a prerequisite?
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Re: QUEST GUIDE - T thru Z

Postby Shekka » Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:29 pm

Old thread to revive to ask this.. But, have you done p3 in SQ yet?
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