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5 gs Revive or Dying

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:38 pm
by Bj_Knows
5 Gold Shield Revive or Dying


In v1.6, when a New Player dies, they see the Revive (5 Gold Shields) Screen. What Happens if you Die?

Note: A quick search for the Forum shows Zone being used for two different purposes- Maps (Fellmarsh Zone) and Combat (Risen from the Depths Raid Zone). For purposes of this discussion, we will be dealing with Combat Zones.

1) You lose your current combat- Mob, Dungeon Boss, or Raid Boss.
2) You are kicked out of any Zone- Quest, Endless, Dungeon, Incrusion or Raid (including TVal Temples).
3) You cannot enter any Combat until your Health is greater than 0.

You might want to Revive (5 Gold Shields) if
1) You have almost killed a Hard Dungeon Boss needed to complete a Quest. If you Revive, you get full Health Bar, and a Cleanse of all Debuffs, but any damage you have already done to the Dungeon Boss remains.
2) You are in a 20 energy Dungeon or a TVal Temple. Revive costs 5 Gold Shields which is the same as 15 energy, so a 20 energy Dungeon would cost you more. Since TVal only appears for 20 minutes, starting at the beginning of the Temple will waste valuable time. However, if you cannot beat the Dungeon Boss (or TVal), that will just be more wasted energy.
3) You need one more Material Elite (Ex: Cave Serpent) to finish a Quest. You can buy Materials from the Black Market for 8 Gold Shields for Potion Material, so 5 Gold Shields to Revive may be a better bargain.

Farming Silver
If your Health is 0, and you are Farming Silver, you can just wait 50 minutes to be restored to full Health.

Special Case- Raids
If you go to the Glenfort Temple to Heal, buy Healing Potions, or buy Elixirs, it will reset your RPP bonus to +100. If you still have enough Healing Potions, you can use one, or more, Healing Potion from Inventory until you have full Health. Several people have also pointed out that you can wait 5 minutes to regenerate 10% Health. In a rare case, you might also choose an Elixir from inventory to refill your Health Bar, since one side effect of using an Elixir is a free Health Bar refill.

You should also consider that In Raids you can use 4 gs to buy 12 energy which will get you an additional 675 RPP (starting at bonus of +100 RPP). Unless there is a very pressing reason (Ex: Speed Run), it is usually better to go to the Temple for healing and restocking of Health Potions, than to spend the 5 gs for Reviving in a Raid.

Research Note: (you can skip this) before v1.5 you could not enter combat with 0 Health, but you could only use Healing Potions in Combat. Your only solution was going to Glenfort Temple for Temple Healing or waiting for your Health to regenerate. Since Healing Potions in combat have a cool down, most High Might Rating characters used to sell off small and medium Healing Potions before v1.5 (some still do). With v1.5 you can now use one, or more, Healing Potions from inventory before a combat and between Waves of Mobs and Boss Wounds (WW) so Medium Health Potions (800 each) can add up to a Powerful Health Potion (3,500 each).


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:26 pm
by Bj_Knows
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Re: 5 gs Revive or Dying

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:05 pm
by Tacita
Reviving Tip:
After dying in a raid you can stay in the defeated sreen an wait until the phase is over. If you revive then you'll get the "This raid phase has been completed."-message and leave the raid without losing your 5gs. Also if this wasn't the last phase you still have your RPP bonus. (This worked for me after LoB P3. I don't know if it also works non-onslaught raids.)