Blue Bags/ Missing Loot/ Auto Loot or Loot Bags (Types)

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Blue Bags/ Missing Loot/ Auto Loot or Loot Bags (Types)

Postby Bj_Knows » Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:12 pm

Blug Bags/ Missing Loot/ Auto Loot or Loot Bags (Types)


Note: Color of Loot Bags varies slightly by Device

Do Not Appear in Character Inventory
Blue Bag (on My device): Items for Guild Challenges. When these drop, your counter for a Guild Challenge will increase, getting you closer to completing the Challenge.

Note: Guild Challenge Symbol on the Loot Bag is a Circle/ Oval with 4 Triangles/ Wedges/ Arrows. To see current items needed, go to GUILD button - > CHALLENGES button - > IN PROGRESS. Ex: Quivers.

Hard to Find in Character Inventory
Loot Bags with a Quill Symbol: These Items will appear in your Quest Inventory. Ex: Cursed Ore.
Plain Loot Bag with Recipe: These Recipes will appear in your Recipes Inventory. Ex: Magic Resistance Recipe.
Plain Loot Bag with Potion: These Potions will appear in your Consumables Inventory. Ex: Potion of Power.
Plain Loot Bag with Material: These Materials will appear in your Materials Inventory. Ex: Undead Ichor.

Regular Loot Bags
Loot Bag with a Sword Symbol (Green Bag on my device): Contains an Augment Gem or a Tier Item. Ex: Avoidance Gem 3 or Valentine's Bracers.

Note: BoH has Autoloot.

Research Note: Loot is handled by the Server due to security reasons. Once you defeat a Monster, the client software communicates with the Server. Once the Server records you kill, Loot is calculated and sent to the client software. Once the Loot is calculated, even if the client loses contact with the Server, it is added to your Inventory. As a consequence, if you check your Inventory before opening a Treasure Chest, your inventory will already have been updated and you will not be given the opportunity to open the Treasure Chest.



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