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Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:13 pm
by AmyLoo
Hello and welcome to BoH! Following is a list of frequently asked new players.

**When in doubt, blame Shekka**

Smartphone Versions (Bj_DWR edit)ca

Q: How do I join a guild?
A: You can join a guild at level 4. Players aren't invited into guilds, you just find one and join. Watch global for ads for guilds that are recruiting at your might level. To join a guild, click on the blue guild icon at the bottom of your screen. Then click "Join a guild". You will get a list of guilds you qualify for that are accepting new members. Generally, the higher on the list the more active the guild. You can also search for guilds by name from this screen.

Q: How do I merc a raid?
A: Find the raid you want to join on the map then click "Find Raid". All current instances of that raid will be shown. Pick one accepting mercs and jump in!

Q: How do I earn guild loyalty and can I lose my loyalty?
A: Loyalty is earned through participating in guild raids and collecting blue bags for guild challenges. If you leave your guild or are removed you do NOT lose accumulated loyalty (I know, there's a pop up warning, it's incorrect now). You will lose guild perks while guildless, but upon rejoining ANY guild, you will be at the same loyalty level you were before.

Q: Why can't I find a guild by search?
A: Either you don't meet the guild's minimum might requirement or it is full or they are not recruiting.

Q: How do I leave a guild?
A: Click the guild icon, click manage, scroll to the bottom. Voila, "leave guild" button.

Q: Why is my name user12a3bc4d? How do I get a real name?
A: On the main screen, sign up for a Venan ID with your email address. You will get to select a user name, and will also be able to create up to 5 characters.

Q: What raids require what minimum might and what valor types do they pay?
A: Gobblin' Goblins, 0 might, squire valor
Plaguerider Skar, 150 might, squire valor
Lockbolt, 350 might, squire valor
Overseer, 650 might, squire valor
Kraken, 1150 mmight, soldier valor
Crypt of Corruption (onslaught), 2300 might, soldier valor
Zuur, 1850 might, soldier valor
Helion, 2800 might, soldier valor
Cursed Keep, 3400 might, knights valor
Vallus, 3950 might, knights valor
War of Fellmarsh, 4900 might, knights valor
Goblin King, 6850 nmight, captains valor
Vile Gate, 9000 might, captains valor
Karnak's Final Stand (regular/onslaught combo), 11500 might, captains valor
Hunted in the Mists, 15350 might, Champions valor
Legacy of Blades, 16250 might, Champions valor

Q: How do I increase my might?
A: You increase your might with better gear, equipping gems, spending your hero tokens in the training hall, leveling up, and eventually by enchanting your gear.

Q: Why are some people's text green/orange/yellow?
A: Green text are chat moderators. They are to help answer questions, and to help keep global a safe and friendly environment for all our players. BoH is rated PG-9 so language and subject matter must be kept appropriate. There are chat rules in the top right corner of your chat screen. Orange (goldenrod) text are admins. Yellow are Venan system messages.

Q: What's the maximum level?
A: Currently 40.

Q: How do I add friends? Where is my friend code?
A: Both are in the Mucky Duck Inn in Glenfort. There are lots of codes in the forums you can use.

Q: What is Hero Score? (on your profile its an H with a circle around it)
A: You earn Hero Score for every fight you win against enemies no more than 6 levels below your level. Its used for global rankings.

Q: How do I do the bandit killer feat?
A: By killing 25 bandits. Bandits are found in Ebian Forest and Glenfort Plains. To view your feats click on your picture then click the icon second from the right at the bottom of the screen..

Q: How do I complete the Shards of Ironhaven quest?
A: you will need to keep rechecking all the zones for additional quests to pop up. As long as you keep clearing quests and reading the quest descriptions, you are on the way. There are also forum posts including a full walkthrough on this topic if you want more infomation.

Q: How can I increase my maximum energy?
A: By purchasing sigils at Majerio's in Glenfort. They are located under "special". Purchasing a sigil refills your energy so it's a good idea to purchase one when you need lots of energy, like during a raid. Each sigil can be purchased once. You also get 4 energy from both levels 4 and 5 guild loyalty. Max available energy is currently 50.

Q: What is flux?
A: Flux is used for crafting items and enchanting your gear.

Q: Why did I just get a [insert color] flux from a [insert different color] portal?
A: The color of the portal indicates which color flux has a higher drop rate. Any color flux can come from any portal.

Q: What are those messages about portals and where can I find a portal?
A: Portals are where you find the elusive flux. The portals are always near Glenfort. They will be visible to you after you have reached approximately level 16 and have completed a quest chain.

Q: Where is the workshop?
A: The workshop will appear next to Majerio's after unlocking a short quest chain.

Q: What is valor and how do I get it? What is it for?
A: Valors are the currencies paid for raids. Higher raids pay higher forms of valor. Valor is used to buy equipment.

Q: What do I do with gem shards?
A: After you have 100 of a color and type of shard you can trade them in for a full gem in the lockboxes section at Majerios.

Q: What are all these blue bags and where does the stuff in them go? Its not in my inventory.
A: Blue bag drops are for guild challenges. They automatically go to the guild. Click on the blue guild icon then click Challenges to view the ones you guild is currently working on.

(Bj_DWR edit)
I spent Gold Shields on a character and all my characters lost Gold Shields!
When you purchase Gold Shields or receive them from offers, it gets put into a shared pool (Currency Bank) which all your characters on a Venan ID can use. If you make purchases on a character and it does not have enough character Gold Shields (quests, loot drops, lockbox), it will make up the difference in shields from your shared pool. The hero bar displays your total available Gold Shields (varies by character, Ex: 24). Your currency wallet separates your character Gold Shields (Ex: 4) and the pool (same for each Venan ID, Ex: "Bank: 20"). If you notice one amount on a character's hero bar, but then go to another character and start using Gold Shields from the shared pool, when you log back into the first character, you will notice the amount on the hero bar went down. This shared pool is intended so that when you purchase shields, or get them from offers, you can use them on all characters.

I spent Silver Coins on a character and all my characters lost Silver Coins!
Silver Coin also has a shared pool, see Gold Shields pool in previous question.

Why do my characters have different amount of Gold Shields when I buy Gold Shields?
Your hero bar displays the total amount of gold shields available. It combines your character gold shields (quests, loot drops, lockbox) with your shared pool (purchase and offers). To see how much you have of each, go to your currency wallet. Your currency wallet displays all the game currency you have from Silver Coin to Gold Shields to Valor to Shards. For Gold Shields, and Silver Coin, it will display your character's Gold Shields (Ex: 4) and the pool (Ex: "Bank: 20").

(Bj_Knows Edit)
How can I recruit players on the Forums?
Be helpful to other players on the Forums. If they are looking for a Guild, they might pick yours.
See also the following Post "Recruiting on the Forums without Spamming"

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:05 am
by Koreanwonder
Thanks for all the great information Amy. I thought it might be helpful to add that when signals are purchased that it fills the player's energy. So a little perk would be to purchase them after using all available energy for a free refill.

Thanks again for the great post!

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:49 pm
by king_Bad
very good amy, i appreciate all the hard work you put in to put this together :D

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:00 am
by Doctor_Love_Money_Shot
Since this is a PG-9 chat room, here is another question to add:

Q: Where do babies come from?
A: (Take it away Amy!)

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:13 pm
by Cascadia_LoveBunny
Doctor_Love wrote:Since this is a PG-9 chat room, here is another question to add:

Q: Where do babies come from?
A: (Take it away Amy!)

The stork brings them. With a 'no return' policy.

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:17 pm
by Gertz
Thanks a bunch for this FAQ. I have one question though; how do i use/equip the gems that i've found this far?

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:18 pm
by Marney
Tap one of the four little white boxes lined up horizontally under your equipment slot.

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:43 am
by Doctor_Love_Money_Shot
Marney wrote:Tap one of the four little white boxes lined up horizontally under your equipment slot.

Actually, the 4 boxes are not all white. Only the right box is white. The others are red, yellow, and blue and correlate to the color of the gem you can put in them. The white box is a wildcard for any color. Sorry for the noob answer above. Most of us know better :)

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:09 am
by Marney
Yes, that's correct of course. My mistake.

Re: Amy's FAQ for new players

PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:02 am
by AmyLoo
Wyt, Cas is correct about where babies come from. Keeping your reciept does not help.

Yopla, thank you VERY VERY much for that French Translation!