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My name says “user” and then a bunch of numbers, how do I change it?
Anyone who does not register for the game will have the account name “user” when chatting. If you want to change your name, simply create a VenanID. To do this, exit out to the main menu and press the Login button in the lower left corner of the screen.

I just created a Venan ID account. Is my old character automatically transferred over?
Yes, your character will be automatically transferred to your new Venan ID.
HOWEVER, if you are playing "Book of Heroes" on a device that has never been used with a Venan ID account, and you then log in using a Venan ID account, the old device-based character is not automatically transferred to your Venan ID account, and will be unplayable until you log out again. If you wish to transfer your device-based character to your Venan ID account, please complete the following steps:

1) Go to the main menu and log out.
2) Tap Play and enter the game. The character you are playing should now be the same character that you wish to transfer.
3) Go to Options, and then tap the Contact button.
4) A pre-filled e-mail should appear. In the body of the e-mail, briefly describe your situation and request that a character transfer take place.

Please allow one complete business day for the transfer to occur.

What is the max level for the game?
Currently, the max level for the game is 35.

Enemies are hard! What gives?
If you're having trouble fighting enemies, there are multiple things you can do to help buff up your adventurer! First and foremost, check your equipment - it's important to upgrade your gear regularly as you improve your skills and encounter new and more powerful enemies. In addition, you can try upgrading your gems or unlocking new gem slots. This will allow you to add or improve your current stats. You can also try buying a blessing at the Temple to increase your strength or the speed at which you can use your combat abilities.

I just got a new piece of equipment, how do I equip it?
If you don't have anything equipped in the equipment slot, and the item is of the appropriate level, it will be automatically equipped for you. However, if you need to manually equip an item, tap your portrait in the top-left of the screen to enter the Character Menu. Tap the Equip icon (the sword-and-shield) at the bottom-left to enter your Equip Screen. From here, you can tap any of your equipment categories to view your currently equipped items. To change an equipped item for another, tap the Change button, tap the new item you want to equip, and then tap the Equip button to confirm the switch.

I just accepted a new quest, but I don't know where to go!
Most quests or quest objectives contain hints that tell you where you should go to complete them. If your quest requires you to travel to a specific zone to complete it, a small "!" icon will appear on the exact zone you need to explore.

I just completed a quest, but I don't know where to go to get the next one! Where should I go?
If you complete a quest chain before reaching the appropriate level to unlock the next quest, you will need to complete additional quests or earn experience in combat zones to level up as needed. Some quests also require you to visit different locations to continue the storyline. For example, you may complete a quest in Glenfort Castle, and need to visit the Ebian Forest in order to get the next quest in the chain. Be sure to visit other zones regularly and also keep an eye out for the animating "!" icon that denotes new quest opportunities!

What’s up with the Bandit Cutthroat quest?
The quest that asks you to complete the Bandit Cutthroat feat is simply telling you to kill 25 bandits. You can check your feat progress by tapping your character portrait, and then clicking on the feat button on the bottom (it looks like a medal). If you find the Bandit Cutthroat feat, it will tell you how many you have left to kill to finish that quest.

How do I get the Shards of Ironhaven?
The Shards of Ironhaven are earned by defeating the guardians in each Grotto. Dungeon bosses hold maps to the grottos. If you think you are missing a shard of Ironhaven, try fighting the bosses in each zone. The Grotto doors are locked, and you must solve the Eldritch Riddles to open them. Be sure to read your quests carefully, because no hints are given as to the location of the things that will solve the riddles. The answers to the riddles can be obtaining items from enemies, fighting in specific locations, buying items in the shop, or killing certain enemies.

I’m around level 17 and I haven’t had any quests for awhile, what gives?
Try looking in the Ebian Forest for the bandit camp. It’s rumored to be in the north-west corner of the forest.

What is the difference between Gold Shields, Silver Coins, Hero Tokens, Hero Score, and Valor?
Silver Coins are the standard currency in the world of Book of Heroes, earned by completing quests and defeating enemies. With them, you can buy all sorts of items in Majerio's Shop.

Gold Shields are the premium currency of Book of Heroes, and are much rarer throughout the world. Gold Shields will rarely drop off of enemies in combat. You can also purchase packs of them for real-world money.

Hero Tokens are used for Hero Training at the Training Hall. You can use Hero Tokens to permanently boost your stats. Hero Tokens are earned by completing feats, keeping Glenfort safe through the daily bounties, or you can exchange them for Gold Shields at Majerio’s shop.

Valor Tokens are earned by completing raids. The more raids you complete, the more valor you will earn. Different types of valor are awarded by completing different raids. Harder raids will award Valor that can be used to purchase higher level equipment. You can spend Valor tokens at Majerio’s shop for sigils, gems, and equipment.

Hero Score is just your score as a player. This is how you can compare yourself to other players on the leaderboard. Doing just about anything awards hero score, from defeating enemies to completing feats.

What is a feat?
Feats are special goals in Book of Heroes that earn you Hero Score and Hero Tokens when you complete them. When you complete a feat, your Hero Score increases and an in-game notification is sent to all your friends so they can see what feat you just accomplished. You can view your feats at any time from the Character Menu by tapping your portrait in the top-left of the screen and then tapping the "Feat" icon, represented by the amulet icon.

What is Hero Training?
Hero Training is located in the Training Hall within Glenfort village and is where you are able to spend your earned Hero Tokens. You can buy Training Tomes to permanently boost your stats.

Are there stat caps in the game?
Yes, there are both hard and ratings caps in game. A rating caps is the limit you can boost a stat without buffs (Gems, Tomes, Guild Favors, Rating Only Buffs). The hard cap is the highest a stat can be. Even with buffs, you cannot go over the hard cap. The in game caps are:
  • Most percentages computed from stat ratings now follow a curve with diminishing returns on excessively high ratings. This means that adding a specific amount of rating will have lower effect if your rating is already very high. It also means that adding rating will always have some kind of positive effect.
    • Crit Chance: From stat rating: 5%-50%, Hard cap: 100%
    • Crit Power: From stat rating: 150%-200%, Hard cap: 300%
    • Physical Resist: From stat rating: 0%-50%, Hard cap: 90%
    • Magic Resist: From stat rating: 0%-50%, Hard cap: 90%
    • Dodge Chance: From stat rating: 5%-50%, Hard cap: 100%
    • Haste: From stat rating: 0%-50%, Hard cap: 75%
  • Physical/Magic Resist and Armor Defense are no longer additive. They are now multiplied to determine the final amount of damage received. For example, if you have 20% mitigation (80% damage taken) due to Defense and 30% mitigation (70% damage taken) due to Physical Resist, you will take 70% x 80% = 56% damage taken.

How do Gems work and what’s up with the gem slots on gear?
Gems will allow you to customize your gear towards how you play the game. Gems are categorized into three groups—red, yellow, and blue.
Red gems modify max health, melee, or magic
Blue gems modify crit power, physical resists, or magic resists
Yellow gems modify crit, haste, or dodge

Each piece of gear has four gem slots. The first slot is unlocked automatically, but each additional space will need to be unlocked with silver coins or gold shields. Each slot will hold a different category of gem. Gems can only go into a gem slot if the color matches. This means red gems must go into red gem slots and yellow gems must go in yellow gem slots. The final slot is white and will take any gem regardless of color.

What are Amulets and Rings for? Why are my stats different if I have a gem in my hat and move it to my sword?
Amulets and rings do not have armor like the other pieces of equipment in the game. Instead, they act as additional gem holders. Gear stats are based on this formula:

Tier of item x bonus on gem x slot bonus

For example, if you had a Tier 5 helm with a +2 melee gem it would be 5 x 2 x 3 (helm slot bonus), or +30 melee. The slot bonuses are as follows:

  • Chest, 2-handed weapon, Ring, Amulet – 4
  • Head, legs – 3
  • Back, wrist, feet, main hand, off-hand – 2

This means if you move a gem around, you can raise or lower your stats! If you take the same equipment as listed above, and move the gem into your boots, you would get:
Tier 5 boots x +2 melee x slot bonus of 2
Or 5x2x2, or +20 melee

If you move that same gem into your chest you get:
Tier 5 chest x +2 melee x chest slot bonus of 4
Or 5 x 2 x 4 or +40 melee

What is Might? How do I get more of it?
Might lets you know how strong you are. It is a factor of your stats, gear, and gems. Improving any of those things will increase your Might.

I’m stuck at the spinner, what should I do?
We have had reports of some users occasionally getting stuck with the sun spinner up on screen. A work-around for this issue is to shut down the app and then restart it. On iOS devices you can do this by double-tapping the home button and then pressing and holding on the Book of Heroes icon. When the icons start to wiggle, press the red “-“ on the Book of Heroes icon. For Android devices, you will need to access your running applications and then select to shut it down.

What is the benefit of raiding?
Raiding lets you play with other Book of Heroes players in your guild. Raiding is also the only way to earn Valor Tokens. These tokens can be used to buy sigils, gems, and high-level equipment that can’t be purchased with Silver Coins or Gold Shields.

What is the difference between Guild Power and Guild Prestige?
Guild power and prestige are ways to show who the most powerful guilds are. Guild Prestige is earned by completing Guild Challenges. The overall Might of the guild members is also factored into Guild Prestige.
Guild Power shows the guild that is currently the most successful raiding guild. The more a guild raids, the higher their Power. Power decays over time, so if a guild stops raiding, they will start to fall down the Power leaderboard.

I did an offer for free Gold Shields, but I didn’t get them. Why not?
Sometimes, there are additional requirements on the offers to receive your free shields. Make sure all of your requirements were met before submitting a support request. If you are sure all requirements were met, go to the offer wall (the place where the offer was given) and click the “?” icon in the lower right corner. From there you can contact someone who can help you receive your gold shields.

Why do some people have different colored text in chat?
To differentiate moderators and administrators in chat, they have been given different chat text colors. Gold text signifies a game administrator. Usually, this is an employee of Venan Entertainment. Green text is a moderator. Both moderators and administrators are available to help with in-game issues. They can also silence or ban users from participating in chat.

How do I unlock Dragonmoor?
Make sure you complete the quest "Bandit Camp Brawl" in Ebian Forest if it is available. The Bandit Camp is off the main screen so you may have to scroll a bit to see it.

How does RPP work?
The speed at which you kill enemies does not affect RPP gain, rather it is based upon how many encounters you kill during the set time of a particular raid. RPP starts at 100 and increases progressively by 5 per additional kill until you reach the maximum of 150 RPP per kill (some players refer to this as their "combo").

How do I access crafting and enchanting?
You must have access to Dragonmoor before these features become available.

How do I access Undrian Plateau?
You must complete all the prerequisite crafting and enchanting quests first.

Where can I find flux?
When fighting waves of enemies in the portals that spawn periodically around Glenfort, you have a chance to obtain flux. There are three different colors of flux that correspond to the type of portal you are fighting in. The chance to receive flux of a matching type to the portal you are in is much higher than the chance to receive flux of another color. As you fight enemies the phase meter will also build up and you will move to phase 2, 3, etc. As you move to higher phases, your essence drops will be increased.

An elite won't show up and I need the drop, help!?
If you are having trouble finding an elite in the prescribed zone, make sure you fight enemies continuously without leaving. There is a higher chance to encounter the elite enemy you are looking for the more energy you use without leaving the zone.

How many characters can be on a single Venan ID account?

Do I have to play more than one character?
No. Book of Heroes can be enjoyed by playing a single character.

Can I have eight characters of the same class on a single Venan ID account?
Yes. But this is not recommended. Playing other classes helps you find out what class you like. Additionally, Dragonmoor can be difficult for Fire War Mages but easier for Ice Frost Knights, Frozen Vale can be difficult for Ice War Mages but easier for Fire Flame Wardens, and Fellmarsh can be difficult for Nature Shadow Walkers but easier for Spirit Justicars. If you character is having trouble with a particular zone, or raid, switching to a less handicapped class can let you relax before continuing. Ex: you can take a break from a Nature Shadow Walker in Fellmarsh by switching to a Fire Flame Warden in Frozen Vale.

I have a problem with the game! How do I let you know about it?
If you have a question about the game, check the forums! You can access the forum from in-game by selecting the button in the lower right corner of the bar that appears when you are on the map screen. If you want to view the forums outside of the game, go to http://www.venan.com/boh_forum.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can send us a customer support e-mail. Do this by tapping the gear in the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting Options. Tapping the “Contact” button next to Technical Support will open a form e-mail that will contact us.
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