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Forum Rules of Conduct

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:36 pm
by admin
Welcome to the Book of Heroes forum! To keep the community fun for everyone, please maintain a safe and constructive environment for all users. Remember, Book of Heroes is rated ages 9+, so please keep language appropriate. Thank you for helping us make the community a friendly, inviting place!

1) Courtesy and Respect

The Book of Heroes forums are a place for positive and constructive discussions between people who play Book of Heroes. Please keep content civil and courteous. Do not bump, “first”, “+1” or “IBL” (in before lock) posts. These posts are not constructive, and will not be permitted. Also, please:
• Do not spam, or abuse, bumps
• Do not write posts inappropriate for a game rated ages 9+
• Do not write abusive, disrespectful, or harassing posts
• Do not haze or attack other forum members
• Do not impersonate a moderator or employee of Venan Entertainment, Inc.
• Do not discuss politics or religion as they do not relate to Book of Heroes

2) Privacy

Venan Entertainment is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Please do not post real-world personal information on the Book of Heroes forums.

3) Venan ID

In order to use the forums, you must create a Venan ID. This can be created through the Book of Heroes application. The Venan ID e-mail address will be used as your username for the Book of Heroes forum. The e-mail address will not be displayed and is used for login only. Your Venan ID display name will identify you on the forums.

4) Commercial Activity

Forum Content must not spam other members of the community. It also must not contain links or advertisements for non-Venan products or services. In addition, forum content cannot contain content that encourages participation in scams or any other activity that violates Venan’s Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct.

5) Cheats, Exploits, Hacks, Viruses, Illegal Content, and Copyright

Forum posts must not contain viruses, adware, spyware, worms or any other malicious code. It must not violate any applicable laws, third party rights, or contractual restrictions. In addition, it must not promote or describe methods for manipulating game rules, the Rules of Conduct, or the Venan Entertainment Terms of Service. Forum posts must not contain obscene or sexually explicit images, comments, or links. Users may not post or provide links to threatening, hateful, or defamatory remarks or images.

6) Signatures

We encourage forum members to create and use forum signatures. Posting of the Hero Code in a signature is allowed. Please do not create animating or overly large signatures. Do not use prohibited or copyrighted content in your signature. Signatures that do not follow these rules may be removed or modified.

7) Venan Terms of Service

The Venan Entertainment, Inc. Terms of Service apply to the use of Book of Heroes and the Book of Heroes forums. Violations of the Terms of Service can result in the suspension of your forum account.

8) Violations, Appeals, and Modifications

Please do not violate the letter or the spirit of these Rules of Content. Moderators have the discretion to determine if content is considered a violation. Responses may include warnings, removal of posts or offending content, suspension, or termination of Forum accounts. Users with questions or concerns about the Rules of Content may direct their questions to a Forum Moderator. These Rules of Conduct can change at any time. Please return to this page occasionally to note any changes.