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Mega Topic: Gem System Discussion (Multiple Merges)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:13 pm
by Bj_Knows
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Gem System Discussion (Multiple Merges)

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Marney wrote:Shatter gems for shards

B4Play wrote:Since we have the ability to craft different fluxes now, can we have something similar for gems? I really want to overhaul my strategy but I need to replace half my gems to really try it out.

Tiffy wrote:I would like to see a gem recycle option

For example :
Hand in 5 t4 gems and get 1 random t5 gem
Or hand in 5 t4 Melee gems get 1 t5 Melee gem

DontNerfMe wrote:could switch my gems for say a fee of maybe a ten percent of the valor that they cost for the gem, to be able to swap it from one type to the other.

OLD Subject
Disenchanting/ Enchanting Gems

It would be nice if you could disenchant and enchant gems.

If you had Majerio disenchant a gem, it would become a Blank Gem. Ex: a Tier 3 Yellow Haste Gem is disenchanted to become a Tier 3 Yellow Blank Gem. You could also find Tier 3 Blank Gems as Quest Rewards

If you gave Majerio 2 Yellow Blank Gems, he could give you 1 enchanted Yellow Gem of your choosing. Ex: if you had 4 Tier 3 Red Max Health Gems, you could get 4 Tier 3 Red Blank Gems and then 2 Tier 3 Red Magic Gems.

Rainbow Gems could be found as Quest Rewards and enchanted to any of the 9 normal gems.

When v1.3 came out, I bought 20 Tier 2 Red Max Health Gems. Later I spent gold shields and got 4 Tier 3 Red Max Health Gems. Currently I am only using 2 Tier 3 Red Max Health Gems. It is nice to get silver pieces from Majerio for found gems, but it is frustrating to spend real world money or millions in silver pieces on gems and change your mind.

The more complex Book of Heroes becomes, the more difficult it is to discover what kind of strategy you like. The advent of Valor is a significant change, since you cannot use real world money to buy valor. You must use the Alchemist Lockbox or Raid. But Soldier Valor and Knight Valor purchase Tier 3 & Tier 4 Gems.

I actually wish each location only had two Gem Slots and Gems were twice as powerful. Currently there are 783,820,800,000 possible combinations (216,000 from colored gem slots alone). 5 of each color gem slot would reduce this to 48,988,800,000 possible combinations (27,000 from colored gem slots alone).

Unwanted Gems or Guild Lockbox

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:01 pm
by Bj_Knows
Guild members could donate unwanted Gems to a new kind of Lockbox.
If you put enough Augment Gems in a Guild Lockbox, each Guild member would get a random Augment Gem. They could keep the random gem or sell/ convert it to Silver Coin.
Guild Lockboxes would be separated by Tier.

Trading items is difficult because different classes use different items. But all classes use Augment Gems. Direct trading of Augment Gems would create a player run economy where Tier 4 Gems were farmed and sold on eBay for $20.00 USD [Typist's Note: Or more.] The Guild Lockbox is one way to solve the eBay Dilemma.

Unlike Currency, Gems take up an Inventory Slot and cannot be saved once your inventory is full. The Guild Lockbox is one way to solve the 50 item inventory problem.

When you replace a Tier 1 Gem with a Tier 2 Gem, it is often sold/converted to Silver Coins. Many Guilds have lower Level characters who would like *any* Tier 1 Gem. High Level Characters, with all Tier 3 Gems, may get a Tier 2 Gem Drop and think "Not another 3750 Silver!", but a lower level character may get a Tier 2 Gem Drop and think "Yay! 3750 Silver!" or even better "Yay! Tier 2 Gem!" or best "Yay! a Tier 2 Melee Gem!". The Guild Lockbox is one way to get someone in your Guild excited when you get four Tier 2 Max Health gems in 4 hours from Trask.

The Tier 3 Guild Lockbox would pay out Tier 3 Gems. Random Tier 3 Gems can be useful to get into Higher Level Raids. It does not matter if you are replacing a Tier 2 Crit Gem with your only Tier 3 Magic Resist, if the new Might Rating lets you into a new Raid. You can always switch it back to the Tier 2 Crit after the new Raid. The Guild Lockbox would help people increase their Might Rating.

Just like Silver Coin, Gold Shield and Alchemist's Lockbox, the Guild Lockbox would be random. Sometimes your character will sell/ convert the random gem to Silver Coin, other times you will say "Yay! the last Tier 3 Haste Gem my Justicar needed!" The Guild Lockbox would add another reason to cheer for your Guild member's good fortune.

When v1.3 came out I bought twenty Tier 2 Max Health Gems. My War Mage now has two Tier 3 Max Health Gems while my Shadow Walker and Justicar have zero. The Guild Lockbox would be a way to transition to new Augment Gem set ups when Venan adds new Raids such as Defense Raids requiring Magic Resist, Physical Resist or Dodge Gems.

For characters who want to keep their Silver Coin, the Guild Lockbox would be totally voluntary.

If you are a member of a Guild, Majerio would have a new button “Donate Gem”. Just like the “Sell Item” button, you could look at your list of unequipped Gems and donate them. Instead of a “Buy Back” option you would have a “Reclaim Gem” option. The reclaim option would list the last ten gems donated by a character. If the reclaim option was full, and you donated an eleventh gem, the oldest donated gem would disappear, donated to a new type of Lockbox.

The Guild section would have a new page. On the page would have a new item, Gem Lockbox Tier 1. It would have a count of how many Tier 1 Gems had been donated to the Guild. When 120 Tier 1 Gems have been donated, each Guild member would get a random Tier 1 Gem. Which they could keep or sell/ convert to 375 Silver Coin.

The Guild would also have Tier 2-4 Gem Lockboxes

Note: the “Reclaim Gem” list would travel with the character, just like Majerio’s “Buy Back” list travels with the character. But any eleventh gem would be donated to the characters *current* Guild. If the character does not have a Guild, the gem would be lost just like Majerio’s current “Buy Back” list.

Tier of Gem Donated to Lockbox- Donations Needed Before Payout
1- 120
2- 100
3- 80
4- 65

Why do you need a “Reclaim Gem” option?
Especially with Tier 4 Gems, players may change their mind at a later time. The “Reclaim Gem” option gives them 10 chances to be sure.

Why donate the gem to your current Guild?
Venan makes money on Tier 3 and Tier 4 Gems. Buy having a large number of gems (65- 120) transformed into a large number of random gems (10- 60), people who want 20 Tier 3 Haste Gems will still give Venan their money. Making the Gem Lockbox a Guild Lockbox helps with these large numbers. The Guild Lockbox is also an incentive to help your Guild members succeed and get more Valor or Gem Drops. Low Level characters can sell/ convert the gem to Silver Coin to purchase Minor Spirit Runes, Cleanse/ Health Potions and Temple Healing.

Why do you need to donate 120 gems before the Tier 1 payout of a random Tier 1 Gem?
Because this is random, some Guild members will not keep their gems. If 120 Gems go into the Lockbox and 60 come back out, this prevents the Guild from putting the same 60 Gems into the Lockbox over and over and over again, until everyone gets a Haste Gem. This also prevents a 1 to 1 transfer of 3750 or 6000 Silver Coins from high Might Rating Characters to low Might Rating characters.

Why does each Guild member get a random gem?
It is a Lockbox.

Major Rune Option
In addition to Gems, Guild members can donate Major Runes. Majero’s Shop would have a button “Donate Rune/ Gem”. A Guild would need 120 Major Runes before the payout of one random Major Rune per Guild member. Characters could keep the Major Rune or sell/ convert it to Silver Coin.

Guild Alchemist Option
In addition to Gems and Major Runes, Guild Members could donate Silver Coin to a Guild Alchemist Lockbox. A Guild would need 350,000 Silver Coins before the payout of one random Alchemist Lockbox prize per Guild Member. Ex: One Guild Member might get 500 Silver Coins and another might get 10 Hero Tokens.

Guild Mega Silver Option
Guild Members could donate Silver Coin to a Guild Mega Silver Lockbox. A Guild would need 350,000 Silver Coins before the payout of one random Mega Silver Lockbox prize per Guild Member. Ex: One Guild Member might get 500 Silver Coins and another might Get 115,00 Silver Coins.

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Re: Unwanted Gems or Guild Lockbox

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:30 pm
by GlaNiK

It is explained well enough and I completely agree.

Re: Unwanted Gems or Guild Lockbox

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:40 pm
by Fida
Nice idea but i miss the definition of guild member, how long membership is required to be a member? One week, one month, more? That is the problem imho

v1.4.2 Dungeon Boss Loot

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:02 am
by Bj_Knows
Due to the v1.4.2 change in Rune drop rates and Dungeon Boss Silver Coin rewards, I have added two new options to the Guild Lockbox.

Shatter gems for shards

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:36 pm
by Marney
Well, as the title says. ;)

The new option should be available in the workshop. You'd be prompted to choose a loose T3 or T4 gem from your backpack, and after confirmation, you'd break it into a number and type of shards dependent on gem quality.

This should help ameliorate the randomness of drops and lockboxes.

The number of shards would be a balancing decision Venan would have to make based on user stats, drop probabilities, and so on, presumably. You might need to buy a hammer from Majerio, like we need to buy gravers for enchants. Breaking a gem carefully enough to have useable shards left over might also take some time. Anyway, this is a pretty simple and obvious suggestion so I won't try to dress it up further.

Re: Shatter gems for shards

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:35 am
by NikoNarf_1
50 shards (half value) seems reasonable for gem breaking... or randomize between 30 and 70.

Re: Shatter gems for shards

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:16 am
by Marney
Possibly. Whatever the final numbers, this would at least make health gems marginally useful again, and it would be therapeutic to smash them too. :)

Re: Shatter gems for shards

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:16 pm
by Gemma
I like this idea. Makes grinding dungeons more palatable to know it's not for nothing if you constantly have bad luck.

Or better yet, allow us to give gems to to our alts. To prevent people from abusing the system by constantly sending T5/4/3 gems from their high-level main to a low-level alt back and forth, institute a delay in the mail system. If I remember correctly, WoW had a 1-hour delay when mailing items. You could have an 8-, 12-, or even 24-hour delay. I seriously doubt many people would gimp their main for so long in order to get an advantage on a lower alt. A 24-hour delay means you're gimping your main for 2 days (there and back).

Re: Shatter gems for shards

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:40 pm
by Hachiman_Defender_of_Oda
I like these ideas as well