pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

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pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby Jalathea » Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:56 pm

Following a convo in pvp chat today, here's what i remember:

Abilities that are bugged or do not work as suggested:
Frenzy (active all the time)
Ax-Mastery (active all the time)
Sidestep (somehow off)
Snapcast+Last Stand (doesn't use up snapcast)
Provoke (activates backswing)

Needed changes:
Short seasons, maybe a week or a month, like weekly heroscore rankings. As a reward, the player gets to use a special border for their toon's picture according to their final placing for the duration of the next season, plus some rewards in materials or potions.
Different Ranking system (view Salads post on the topic, not sure how you link to posts): wins net a point, losses do nothing. Players are ranked by wins. Top 25 or so make the new season's masters, 26-100 are platinum warriors, and so on. Challenges are free of cost, but do not add wins.

OP abilities:
Players rarely agree on those.
Stagger is mentioned often in chat,
as are Justi skills like heroic, seismic or brutal.
Last Stand use is often bashed, but not really as OP, but as something like a losers move.
Also some players do not like that prestige abilities can be wielded against players below level 35, who have no defense against them.
Shard has a big bang for a short casting time, as has spirit strike.
Flame warden's smoke bomb hurts a lot.
I also heard players with status-based toons like Warmages complain about mojo not having a ong enough cooldown
I'd leave all that alone, if you'd ask me, lol. Fixing the bugs mentioned above should bring enough equalitiy that all classes can compete again. There usually is a way around all the so called OP-abilities, or a weakness against another class, that it evens out in the end.

If you want someone to use the healing prestige ability, it should be made stronger.
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Re: pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby Illy_the_Red » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:19 am

Never really understood the problem some have with Last Stand. When it’s used most seem to just Mojo or (if Justicar) Radiant Light it away immediately. It’s not even an OP ability. Also don’t see any issue with the knockbacks, they all do their job very effectively. Yes Seismic can be dodged but you get a backswing in the face if it is. Smoke is often defended which limits it’s usefulness overall. Snap + Lance is very good which is why Ice Lance had to be nerfed several times.

There are several abilities that have too big an impact compared to most others and are often mentioned when I venture into pvp:

Stagger - for such a big effect and long duration this procs far too often.
Frozen Shard - way too quick cast time and cooldown for an ability that does tons of damage reliably and also applies a debuff.
Ice Spike - this ability is OP given it is on the class with the highest damage output. With shard so powerful it makes no sense to have an ability that damages your opponent when you are hit. Mages do not need this extra damage output when they are prone to huge critical hits with 2H weapons. These two abilities would be fine if mages were truly a ‘glass cannon’, but they simply aren’t. They manage to have the high damage output and speed without the weakness of taking more damage.
Heroic Will - not OP per se but seems to be even more effective these days in combination with Seismic, Brutal Strike and Provoke. Vs Melee Justicar players it can be almost impossible to fight defensively because of the combos.
Provoke - Melee Justicars just spam this ability at every opportunity. Because it’s a physical attack it is often dodged and procs backswing. This isn’t the intended use of the ability.
Backswing - this ability’s damage calculation was proven to be incorrect years ago by Eric and admitted by the devs at the time but never fixed. It often does far more damage than the move being dodged.
Mojo - many classes use status debuffs as a pvp strategy and it’s what often makes battles more tactical vs the swing of Status Resist RNG. Mojo makes pvp virtually the same for everyone now as it pops out whenever too many statuses are up and actually makes matches less interesting. For such a powerful ability it should probably be limited to once per battle. Many have suggested in the past that status Resist would be better as a % reduction effect rather than either/or.
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Re: pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby urbanpharmacy » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:57 am

Those are all the bugs I know off as well....... I believe heroic is quietly the best skill in the game.
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Re: pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby Şhädøщşрäщñ » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:53 pm

Of all the mentioned abilities, I feel stagger is the most out of line.
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Re: pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby Kenner » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:52 pm

Here are some skills of which I know the description does not match the effect. Which aren't mentioned already.

Inq: shield bash is a spirit attack but the melee stat is used to calculate dmg (yes I did extensive testing to confirm this)

Spirit bomb dmg is far below the 100/125/150% mentioned. Suggestion for this move is to add the amount of kb in the description (0.5/0.75/1.0).

Arcane poison Dot should deal 100% over 3 sec or 33% per sec per stack. My findings suggest that it's more like 100% over 5 sec or 20% per sec per stack. Downside is the duration is only 3 sec instead of 5 so the dmg applied is too low. Would love to actually get 33% dmg per sec per stack.

Shield focus says it gives 10/15/20% magic resist bonus. Real effect is 1000/1500/2000 magic resist rating. I suggest to give the skill a hard 4/7/10% bonus to magic resist.

Frost knight:

Sever reduces target dmg by 15/20/25% instead of 10/15/20%.

Here some general suggestions/opinions.

Make last stand a Dot dealing 1 dmg when the timer expires. This makes sure that if you should have been "dead" you will still die

MOJO cool down shouldn't be reduced by your haste % to prevent prestige skill spamming.

Nerf safeguard slightly and let it replace defend all together. What about 60% dmg reduction, 60% kb resist, 24% block, 12% dodge and 24% stat resist.

Either remove provoke or at least remove the backswing and double the cool down.

Increase sidestep proc rate to 60% and make sure spell dodges proc it.

Not only fix but also nerf frenzy to deal 4/7/10% more physical damage per stack of bleeding if possible.

That's it for now.
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Re: pvp bugs and suggestions, collected

Postby Bbbb » Thu May 17, 2018 3:47 pm

I spoke to Jalathea about the Axe Mastery issue. She confirmed it was that it worked with Swords.

There are two ways this can be deal with:

1. Change the name/description.
2. Make it stop working with Swords.

Every single person I have spoken with is in favor of the former. I talked to one long time player who claims they will rage quit if 2 is done.

Here are the arguments for the former:

1. There isn't a balance issue. FK is one of the weaker PVP classes according to what I hear. This gives them no noticable advantage.
2. A bunch of us have gotten the T20 Sword from an event because it was the only option. No T20 Axe has ever existed. To change now, would make all of us have to purchase another weapon and pay to transfer the enchants.
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