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Postby Deathtomonsters » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:04 pm

Just saw this post. I think I agree with most of the original suggestions and some are simple but would make a big difference.

Username...there's no reason to not just make all new users get a venan id. Since it doesn't have to be a functional email just change it to "pick a username" so people aren't worried about spam. Then it's easier to chat and mail new toons.

The idea of condensing parking and dormant guilds and getting players plugged in would be loggistically more difficult but also a good way to help new users.

The functional public raid is a fantastic thing to wish for. If you are a new user needing CK or even soldier it's brutal at non peak hours these days.

I've asked for a gem tutorial and equipment explanation quest before. Would be simple and hopefully prevent the 50+% of new users struggling with poorly equipped gear and gems and also doing stuff like saving up for better gems because they are used to gems being permanently attached to gear in other games

The chat channels across account would be so useful I get tired of logging in and out just to look at other guild chats.

I'd also add a button to match your pvp and pve builds to stop having to add each new gem individually...early on there's not much specializing going on and it would save huge amounts of time over course of game
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