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Elixir of Holding, Extension, Insurance, Golden

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:53 am
by Bj_Knows
Elixir of Holding, Extension, Insurance, Golden, Cancelation, Aid and Scrimmage

Holding (6 hours only)
While this Elixir is active zero XP is awarded for monsters and player opponents. Only Quests award XP.

Like most MMOs BoH is a grind. But Incursion Portal Monsters, Seasonal Monsters, and Vile Realm monsters scale with the characters level. PvP opponents also tend to be close to a character’s level. It is possible to level very quickly while still having gear bought with silver coin. I have used 3 Elixirs of Wisdom in my years with BoH. But I would use lots of Elixirs of Holding.

Extension (4 hours only)
Raid Phases that end now have a new button “Extend”. This would continue combat in that raid phase (automatic if Onslaught timer not finished). Waves/ combat/ Combat Encounter Loot Drop Roll would still count towards completing the raid. “Extend” button is not available during the last phase of a raid.

Insurance (12 hours only)
Any raid that fails, still pays raid rewards to characters running an Elixir of Insurance.

Golden (12 hours only)
Any raid rewards are automatically paid out as a Gold Finish. Works with Elixir of Insurance.

Cancelation (24 hours or 7 days)
Adds a “Abort” button to all guild raids, but not public raids. Aborting removes the character from the raid. That raid no longer counts against the characters limit of 3 guild raids and 3 merc raids. Mercs aborting have their merc slot refunded after 30 minutes for raids with a password. Aborting a raid prevents you from joining the same raid for 60 minutes.

Aid (6 hours only)
Joining a raid adds +2 merc slots during Gold Timer, increased to +3 during Silver Timer and finally +4 during Bronze Timer. Characters running an Elixir of Aid blink pink on the raid list and list the number of bonus merc slots on the raid report.

Scrimmage (60 minutes only)
Bought with PvP medals. PvP pays out 1 Gold Shield per bout.