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Co-op Based Raid

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:29 pm
by ______
I have a suggestion that I believe would make this great game even better, and that is having a new zone with a typical group role-based co-op raid.

The raid would require players to fill the 3 basic group roles, which are selected by players when starting the raid. The raid will not start until all roles are filled, which means a minimum amount of players is required.

Tanks: Any class can be a tank. Health and threat based. Threat would be generated by top end damage (bigger the hit, bigger the threat), and ability to take damage would be through a simple health modifier when the role is chosen.

DPS: DPS can also be any class. Most damage contributed by this role would be through Damage-over-time and debuffs like poisons, frostbite, burning, etc. Other damage from normal spells and attacks but the player must take care and not build too much threat.

Finally, this dynamic would require a class that does not I may I present my solution:

New Hero Class: Necromancer. Necromancers are masters of death and dark magic. Their ability to transfer life from enemies to themselves and their allies makes them a formidable enemy. Their curses cripple all who oppose them, their shadow energy can be directed at enemies for heavy burst damage. However when venturing into [Enter raid name here], their skill set changes to focus on their ability to strengthen allies through buffs, dispell debuffs and heal players. When entering this one new raid, they do not see enemy portraits; they see their assigned players portraits to heal with health bars and buffs/debuffs.
Anywhere else in Glenfort, the hero class would be damaged based like any other class.

I welcome any suggestions and criticism.