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Revive and build player base

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:55 pm
by ______
Let me begin by thanking Venan for this great game. Book of Heroes contains most of the best attributes of an enjoyable RPG. It is engaging enough to make you want to play when you're not playing. Very few games can hold like that. If someone who plays RPGs and MMORPGS tries this game, they WILL keep playing. The problem for all of us is; No one knows it.
I'm sure pretty much everyone has noticed by now that the game community is dwindling. Public raid failures are becoming commonplace and silver guild raids are beginning to become a familiar sight as well. Surely Venan must have noticed in their P&Ls as well. It is with this in mind that I propose (and pledge my participation in) the following solution.

Have a Double Gold Shield sale.

Now, you and I both know that alone will do very little. You might get a slight bump in profit. 15-20% sound right? Might lose that and more in the next few months right? Well here is the roadmap for how to make it pay off.

Choose a weekend before a special event like pirates to have a 48 hour Double Gold Shield sale (Double is important.) Spend the week before that sending emails to inactive accounts (inactive over 30 days) to announce the date of the sale; and push notifications to alert current players.
Once the sale is over, use 100% of the profits that are over your 120 day average gs sales to advertise the game to new players, and run these ads along side your normal advertising for the event. 80/20 or 75/25 ads targeting new players to ads targeting inactives with the new content.

I believe this will revive and build the player base that this fantastic game needs. I personally pledge to spend at least $100 in the sale..and though that is a drop in the bucket, it is a bucket that will fill up real quick.

Thanks for considering.