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Refreshed dmg outut shown on ability selection during battle

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:47 pm
by GWARslave119
Vengenace: X% chance to increase outgoing damage by 10% once applied. Stacks
Wrath: Reduces spirit damage resistance by 15%. Stacks
Frenzy: 10-30% (depending on rank) physical damage increase

I noticed this the other day. When Vengeance is applied to you, the damage output an ability attack does is refreshed with each stack. I was thinking they should do the same with abilities like Frenzy since it's the same concept. I thought at first things like Wrath should have the same change as well, but that's a bit too much. Things that deal with defense and resistance like Wrath, armor pen, Magma Jet, Elemental Fracture would make it too obvious I guess when fighting if you could see the final output damage for each ability.

Edit: After typing out what Frenzy does up there, I figure the output damage isn't refreshed because it's physical damage, not all damage, but it still is the same concept. Whatever damage is shown before you attack is what will be dealt before crits and mitigation effects are factored in, so Frenzy should do the same as Vengeance does.