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Re: My Essence

Postby Illy_the_Red » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:14 pm

Bbbb wrote:
Fara wrote:So some people are limited by essence and some by gravers? Most of my toons are limited by flux. I guess it just depends on your playing style.

As I discussed in another request thread, the flux shortage exists now because many weeklies pay out in essence. If you are essence limited in this day and age, then either it is an ancient toon or you haven't been doing the weeklies.

Agree, I've never found I don't have the essence, even if it needs refining etc. I can see why flux would become limited because at high level it's hundreds for a single enchant.
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Re: My Essence

Postby _Raiden » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:43 am

Sorry to break this to you. But your wish may need another 3-4 years before it "might" happen.
We begged for 3 YEARS only recently we can finally now buy items 999.
So your wish to enchant more than 99 will have to wait
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