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Postby fatius » Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:01 pm

Ilyana wrote:
DreamingDaemon wrote:
Bbbb wrote:I am just throwing this out there as I've seen other games do it and may work around some of the ltechnical issues. Could we have a bank/locker where we can deposit items for long term storage? Then I would unload excess gems, transfer plates, elixirs, potions and such there. I had held onto those Valentine Level 6 AP transfer plates for 16 months. Got wisdom elixirs probably even older.

It'd be handy if we had a convenient location already established where this could be located. Like a house, or something, where current functionality for the location is kinda underused, say having only one function at the moment...

What? We have something like that? How utterly coincidental!


Personally I always liked the idea of a Diablo-style 'equipment chest' in Glenfort where we could store things. Or a lockup in Majerio's, he's taken enough of our cash that such storage space should be gratis!

Failing that (or in addition), perhaps you could designate certain items only as 'gear'. Gear to me is things like armour and weapons. Your spare gems should really sit in a gem pouch that only takes up 1 'inventory' slot alongside things like potions and runes.
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