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Guild activities

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:21 pm
by ShadowDragon
I believe that to increase guild activity there should be a set game time that all players can see near the health and energy bars. It would also be helpfull for guild leaders, such as me, to be able to see how many people in the guild are currently online, with out having to try and count them. Another idea I had was that members of the guild could trade their items with one another. Also a cool idea was that if there could be small guild quests. What I mean is that a person from guild could gather friends from the guild to help on new quest that you could make. Not only would this expand the guilds tasks it would create more game play for people. And as a last idea it would be awesome if it were possible to spare with other teamates. These are all my ideas so far, I hope that these will be addressed in future updates. Thank you listening to my ideas. Great work on the game so far!