New: Events- 4 Weeks Notice, Clarity

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New: Events- 4 Weeks Notice, Clarity

Postby ABOH_O_Shinote » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:14 pm

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New: Events- 4 Weeks Notice, Clarity

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Greater Communication on Upcoming events

First let me apologise if this is not the correct forum to place this.

Over the last weekend we had an event where "all gem drops from dungeons will be doubled". Now this certainly raised a good discussion in my guild over what this actually meant. As people were getting odd numbers of shard drops it could not mean that drops were doubled. We concluded it must mean that instead of 1 roll for gems you got rolls.

We all agreed that the wording was unclear. I won't comment on 'gems' vs 'shards' either ;)

The biggest discussion we had was was this fair for people who had farmed the 1500 shards for Karnak's ring before this weekend. Although some argued it was and others argued it wasn't we all agreed that there should have been more notice.

Dear Venan could you please announce upcoming weekend events 4 weeks in advance. The weekend events are great and it would be nice to be able to plan your game play around them.
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