Visitor Chat Channel-Guild Friends

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Visitor Chat Channel-Guild Friends

Postby Possessed_Mithrid » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:51 pm

I've mentioned it before and there was debate about its usefulness in light of joining raids as a merc...but I really would like a Visitor Chat Channel added to Guilds (that they can control such factors as its on or off, how many visitors, visitor timeline limit...etc).

I really miss visiting all the various guilds and communities throughout the game as a venturing merc...yes I still can if I merc a raid but most of the times, when I am on and when a guild I want to visit is running a raid with available merc slots, rarely overlap. Other times I just want to pop in and say hi to another guild when they aren't running a raid.
Sometimes, its just a hassle to whisper another guild member to see if they can open a dummy raid for you just to visit and say Hi.

It would be nice to be able to swing by when I am on and at my convenience, visit to say hi to old friends in other guilds, or allow old friends to swing by and visit me whenever they like, without having to whisper everyone and their dog to see who is on and who can open a dummy raid.
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