Haste and DoTs

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Haste and DoTs

Postby Click » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:17 pm

Currently at the higher end, damage over time effects are laughable. They're used for secondary purposes because the damage they do, while decent, is incredibly slow compared to the abilities that can be done almost twice for every DoT tick.

I think that DoTs should tick faster with haste. They shouldn't expire any sooner though. That would be a double edged sword. Instead if the ticks are faster, more ticks should be able to fit at the end.

Caltrops is a good example. It ticks every second. That's 3 ticks in 3 seconds. 3 seconds is a very long time in combat when your haste is at 40%+. You can literally fit 5 regular attacks while wielding a sword in 3 seconds. At 40% haste you should, likewise, be getting 5 ticks over the course of 3 seconds. Same goes for bleeds and burns which are arguably even worse than Caltrops in the current form. Who cares about stacking DoTs when fights are over so quickly? They are so slow that the only time the damage portion makes a difference is during onslaught against a boss.
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